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Cruise PP Evening eating!


** Chief WITCH **
I've always eaten far later than some recommend on "normal" diets so I don't go much for the time thing.

You'd be better to show us your menus so that we can see whether anything's not quite right where they're concerned. Also, please fill out your User CP so that we can see what you weigh now, for your height, age etc.

If you are truly stalling, there are ways and means to restart the weight loss.
Hi there - I also started on Feb 1, and like you, have lost 14-15 lbs, so
you are not alone.

I still think that's a fair loss, all things considered, and I am still losing 3 weeks out of every 4.


Goat herder(ess)
Hi Slimstar. I've heard lots of people say that eating late isn't good for you and is not conducive to losing weight, but we usually start eating our dinner anytime between 8pm and 8.30pm, and occasionally as late as 9pm. It certainly didn't prevent me from losting my desired amount of weight.

However, everyone's metabolism is different so it may be worth trying to eat earlier in order to see whether that makes a difference. Upping your exercise level can also help to boost your way through a plateau.

Jo's advice regarding posting your menus is an excellent one. If there is anything you're eating which could be a potential troublemaker, then the ladies here are very likely to spot it for you.

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