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Evening Munchies!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mamma_caz, 28 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Hiya folks,

    Do any of you out there suffer from evening munchies, you know the ones where the fridge calls from the corner of the room and ends up being a deafening roar!

    How do you get past this self destructive mode???

    Please anyone.

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  3. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Yes Caz I suffer from the same illness as you lol. Thats actually my worst time, I seriously could eat for Ireland in the evening. I either keep myself busy which on works for a while or I have the one or all of the following:

    Ryvit (hxb) with Laughing Cow (hxa) tomato and onion
    Roasted chick peas, love them or hate them
    Big bowl of fruit salad with Muller Lite
  4. Bumpy0

    Bumpy0 Full Member

    How do you do your chick peas?
  5. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Hi Bumpy
    Empty a tin of CP into a sieve, wash, then dry a bit with kitchen paper.
    Bung them into a baking tray or tin, spray with FryLite, salt, pepper or spices.
    I cook them on full 230 and they take about 50 mins but it depends on oven, keep a wee eye on them as they burn quickly towards end. Just make sure that there crispy and not soft in middle.

    I keep them in a food bag, it keeps them better than a plastic tub. You either like them or hate them but they give me something sym free to nibble on

    :gen126: good luck xxx
  6. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Hi Vicky, what a great idea, I will try that. Will fail with the Ryvita as if I have one it has to be the pack, especially if there is some Marmite around. I use cream cheese instead of butter so I have started using laughing cow so that with Marmite would be like heaven.

    I am going to get some more fruit in today, as I have to admit that I love fruit so thanks for the idea and also for the support.

    I will try that tonight instead of raiding the fridge for some cake! ekk!
  7. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Adding to that I am having trouble getting Fry Lite, Waitrose thinks it beneath them to stock it any ideas????????
  8. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    You can have about 4 ryvita (hxb) or use some syns for them. Your much better having 2 more ryvita and using 3 syns instead of using 3 syns on a bicky. Im starving now!
  9. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Sorry Vicky didn't mean to wake the munchies!

    My problem is I love baking and last year I started entering competitions and also supplying our cake stall at the local fete so my freezer has cakes in and my microwave is in cohoots with the fridge and when they gang up on me - omg it is like having a plethora of geese honking in the background.

    ps where abouts in NI are you?
  10. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Co Antrim, not too far from the International Airport
  11. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    I have some rellies that live in Larne. Lovely country would like to be able to get across more often, but we are farmers and time off is limited.

    You've done really well 5lbs is brill, my next w/i in Wednesday, I am not going to keep weighing myself, coz if I do I could get disappointed and eat more as a result. Comfort eating is my downfall.
  12. vicky82

    vicky82 Meh

    Aw thanks, my next WI is Thursday night. Im actually up in Larne quite often with work.
    Dont weigh yourself, it gets me down too
  13. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    I always keep mini Babybel lites in the fridge and grab one if I feel like picking. I also crochet. It is IMPOSSIBLE to eat while crocheting!
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