Eventful day yesterday


Gone, but who cares huh
i moved upto 790 and had my first cup of tea which was so nice lol
and i also put on a suit and heels to go on a course i was probably a little overdressed lol, but i didnt give a stuff lmao i was so thrilled to fit into the suit i wouldnt have been able to get on for at least 10 or even 15yrs that i was gonna strut my stuff regardless, luckily another woman had a suit on so i didnt feel to done up,
having not worn heels for years today im suffering lol my feet and my back are killing me but it was so nice to dress up, clothes have always been functional for so many years now and bought to hide my shape and skim the fat bits that it was so weird to get dressed to look nice,
hubby was thrilled and lots of people passed comment, so all the carb withdrawels and tempting moments were made worth while yesterday,
Well done you
just think of that little black dress at Christmas too
Well done Gillian
I thought you looked lovely ... way too posh to be slumming it in my neck of the woods lol