Everybodys an Individual


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Ok just posting this as my hubby has given me a pep talk and for once he made sense ;)

We are all different and everybodys weight losses are different. Some poeple can do CD without cheating. Some can't (me being included in that :eek: )

Point being we all do this in our own way and we shouldnt measure our success against anybody else.

i sometimes read peoples post and think 'flipping heck they've done so many amount of days and they havent cheated once. whats wrong with me why cant i be like that?'

At the end of the day though it doesnt matter. What matters is we perservere and complete the journey.

This is probably such an obvious and pointless post for some of you but for me it's like someone has turned on a switch. I am not ashamed anymore of how my journey is going - I will do this the best way i can WITHOUT comparing myself to anyone else.

Ok ramble over - that felt good.:D
It should feel good, and sometimes it needs saying - we are all individual, and what works for one won't work for another. Nicely done Helen :D
Well done Helen...

You have had a moment of realisation. Your hubbys speaks great sense and it seems like he really cares a great deal about you! Having someone so supportive and thoughtful in your corner must help no end!

Your journey will only ever be yours! You should cherish it and be proud of every tiny little thing you have acheived!!! Really! Never ever play it down!

Good luck with the rest of ur journey!

Well done to hubby for getting you to make the biggest realisation you can whilst dieting.

I am one of those awful people you talk about who hasn't slipped and has done well but if you have read my posts to people that have slipped you will know that I truely believe that slipping gives you great opportunity that I simply haven't had yet which puts you streets ahead of me in sorting your head out ;)

Your slips are an oportunity to really consider your weaknesses and how best to deal with them. I haven't had that and you know the old saying'the bigger they are the harder they fall' well I fear that may well be true in my case :(

So keep going and keep learning because you are in this for the long haul. Sorting your head out by learning from your slips may well mean that you arrive at slimdom slightly delayed but it also gives you a greater chance of remaining there rather than just being on a day trip ;) :D
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well done hubby!!!

Helen Honey, like you quiet rightly say we are all different and we are all individuals.
Just because one person does 100days with out an ounce of food, and others(myself included) have slip ups and food along the way, doesnt make them a better person or better ss-er....it just means we all do things differently and to our own ability.

The end result is what is important. We will all get to goal as long as we stick with the plan....I know I have posted about having a 'day off' I know I am lucky where it comes to ketosis, others wouldnt dream of doing this but its what keeps you on track and what keeps you going and motivated.

You are so close babe....just do whats good for you and remember how far you have come.....you achievements are fab!!

keep on at it ...we will all get there eventually!!

hugs Lou XX
Helen`s Hubby well said !!
What u posted really hit home to me big time.Sometimes i dont even post as i see everyone doing so well and when i fail i feel why cant i be like them look at how well they are doing why cant i be like that !!

That really hit home for me big time,u r a lucky lady to have such a supportive partner xx
Chicken - I dont think your a horrible person for ssing without cheating at all :) Thats the main point of my post - i'm proud of you and without people like you i wouldnt have anyone to let me know it is possible i just have to get my butt into gear. :)
A great point you've made. I worked really hard at the beginning and watched 2 stone fall of but r=then stayed at the same weight for a while due to nibbles.
As soon as my CDC complimented me on my success and said I should try 790, it seemed to open a gate (the wrong one) to eat any meal with wine once a week and now my loss has slowed to a pound a week even though I swim twice a week and glug my 4 lites of water. Hard to kick that meal out when it has been part of my new routine.
I'm not ashamed of a slower loss, maybe disappointed but I long to fit comfortably into size 12s and only found 2 items which have been allowed out in public!
I guess I should now decide either to SS again to get to my finishing post or continue on a slower journey.