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Everything is coming to a head.


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Me and OH arent on the best terms - well being honest we arent even speaking at the moment.

Things are bit strecthed at the moment financially wise we are trying to move house, my hours at work have been cut right down due to losing quite a few clients (I work in care).

i have applied for at least 10 jobs, look on jobcentre everyday etc etc etc but he seems to think its all my fault, moaning constantly and saying that we will never move house (ours is up for sale) because we wont get a mortgage as Im not working enough.

Hes moaning saying that at the age of 28 I should have a career by now not going from job to job. I told him what does he expect?? We have 2 children Im certaininly not career minded and I will work whatever I can to bring money in BUT the children come first. Im not working 5 days a week and putting the children in childcare full time.

Anyway, im so so sorry to rant but hes made me feel like S**T and about 2ft tall.

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Nothing causes bad feeling in a marriage more than money problems.

Is there any chance you can sit down and talk sensibly like the 2 adults that you are. Being at loggerheads isn't the answer and will get you nowhere.

You need to discuss your move, how much more money you both need to generate to get your mortgage and he needs to acknowledge that you have tried as hard as you can to get a job and that yes, your kids do come first. He should be happy about that. That you want to be at home and bring up your children is good. I have known of young mums who could not wait to get back to work to ESCAPE kids and home for a few hours each day.

I know words are easy and it is easy to give advice, but surely it is worth a try, for your kids sakes at least

hugs and please let us know how you get on.



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Men can be so narrow minded.....they can really get your back up......Im splitting from my partner...but he is taking his time to do anything.....probably hoping I will change my mind.......not a chance....lol. Anyway he was made redundant and as far as im aware he has not looked for work......but still spends like he used to......but he wont get any from me......we are currently claiming joint jobseekers,......but that will be changing soon as for him to get help with a deposit and out of my hair he needs to be claiming his own benefit......so he has until weds or I will be going myself to sort things...

Money is a blooming nightmare, these blooming politicians should try surviving on an average families income to see how they cope.....

big bear

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It definitely a man thing. We're not speaking either due to the 'you're not capable of looking after our son' comment.

He also moans about money as I'm working part time & he does loads of overtime etc to try & make ends meet. We are behind with some payments but what can I do I'm nearly 6 months pregnant.

Money/work etc are always a cause for arguments, I hope you can sit down, talk and work it out but if your H is anything like mine that's not going to happen.

Loads of hugs for you try & keep your chin up. XX


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Thanks guys!!!

Ive been sat on the computer for about 90mins job hunting but its so hard isnt it? I havent passed my driving test yet so that limits me immediantly!

Never mind, will have to remain positive and hope that something will turn up!

Thank you all for replying xx

Mrs V

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From the other side of the coin Hun regarding childcare and working. My Daughter went to a private daytime nursery from the age of 16 months. She is due to start school in September. I have just worked out with my Hubby that if I reduce my hours at work, I can take my Daughter to school and be there at home time for her and still be better off than I am now!!!
As the others have said. Sit down with OH and work out your income and your outgoings and see what you can reduce. I find the Money Savings expert website a god send for bargains and knowing your rights.
Things will get better, but you need to speak to each other first. I regret not being at home with my Daughter full time, but financially I had no option. It doesnt mean that I love my Daughter any less and all the time I spend with her is treasured.
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Mrs V is right things will get better. We've all been there with little or no money.

Do you really need to move now, could you put it off until next year?

Yep you do really need to sit down & talk, & just remind him how much unpaid work you do & how much it would cost in childcare if you did work more hours.

Sending you virtual hugs :hug99:

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