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Eww Thrown Up!

Oh heck, best to avoid that one then :eek:

I like the chocolate ones, they are nice, and nice hot too


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Oh heck, best to avoid that one then :eek:

I like the chocolate ones, they are nice, and nice hot too
Choc orange is like a slice of Terry's choc dipped in a cup of water then removed before it gives off too much flavour....:eek: not one of my favourites...bog standard choc is one of my favourites....:)


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Hi diddums, sorry to hear that, hope you are not feeling too queasy!
I love the choc orange and choc mint ones hot, was it hot when you had it? I can't take any of the shakes cold anymore, hot with a couple sweetners in, very sweet but i love em.

Hope you get on better with other flavours!

Yeah they are quite thick if you dont put too much water in.

I didnt like the choc orange one either.
The best way to mix shakes is with a blender, doesn't have to be a mega-expensive one, you can get them in Argos pretty cheap;
Buy Cookworks Signature Jug Blender. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

doing it with a spoon/fork really doesn't cut it (unless you like lumpy shakes :jelous: )

throwing in 6 or 8 ice cubes makes them nice and thick too, just remember to put less water in otherwise the ice will dilute the shake too far and make it tasteless!

and yes, hot water with the choc shakes is supposed to be really nice too (I'm on LL not CD so don't know about the taste of the CD packs, I imagine they are much the same though)
yes the cappuccino was hot. Earlier I had strawberry blended with crushed ice and it was lovely!

I'm trying the vegetable soup tomorrow. Anyone had it? Are they thick? What they smell like?
Pete your weight loss is amazing!!!

I have a blender to mix the drinks so thats ok.

Does anyone know how the soups need to be mixed? I don't have access to a blender at work :(
I would get some tetra packs for work hun, because the soups need blending too (well I think they do lol! I love all the soups!)

Chocolate shake is delish, hot or cold! I have ordered, porridge, soups, and chocolate and chocolate mint shakes for next weeks order from CDC hehe

can;t wait for the bars!
i have one tetra pack of each flavour, i wanted to keep the chocolate one for the weekend, to eat frozen, whats the texture of the strawberry and banana? Do they taste like the packets do?
Didums asda does a handheld mixer for £5 its not to big perhaps u could use it just at work, do u havea drawer or kitchen to store it in?
i use a shaker maker i bought new from ebay for £1.50!
its a measuer aswell, i put in 300mls cold water put the plastic mesh in, put the lid on and shake, then i pour it through a tea strainer into a glass, perfect drink with no lumps,
i use to use my electric whisk but couldnt be bothered to keep getting it out!

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