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ewwwwwww help!!!!!!!

i had the chicken soups for the first couple of weeks and enjoyed them and now even though i love the smell (my mum has them) they make me feel sick!! i stick to the shakes and have a hot choc at night yum! xx


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Oooh i found that this week too!

Enjoyed them for a good 4/5 weeks but this week i just couldnt stomach them any more! went back to the chemist on tuesday and changed em for chocolate :)

I love the chocolate! lol

Can you go back and change them if you arnt getting on with em?
Most chemists will let you


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I have also been up and down with the soup. First I hated it until about week 7, then I enjoyed it as I had got fed up with all my meals being sweet and had a soup everyday and now I've gone off it again.



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Same here :S on my fourth week, HATE the soups now, changed em all for chocolate


Here we go again!
I liked them for the first couple of weeks but then couldn't stomach them at all. I'm on all choc and strawberry now. Love them both, thankfully!


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i have only tryed the chicken soup once an i was reely hard 2 get down i didnt like it but i dont like the flap jakcs either ha ha but i love the choclate vannila and strawberry shakes so i cant complain but i am only in me second week so who knows lol
i cant do the soup at all chicken a sweetcorn i think lol i didnt like the chco shake first day but the second week swaped all for choc shake thank god coz its the only thing i like i can do strawberry one but would rather have choc told pharmeses to just order choc every week for me with out nfail plz lol
I was exactly the same. I had the soups in week one and by the 5th day they were making me feel really sick so I had to skip them for the last two days.

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