exact same weight using xenical


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I've been using zenical for 3 months now as prescribed by my doctor 120mg 3 times a day but have stayed at exactly the same weight on my last 4 weigh in's.... while i'm happy i've not gained weight i'm dissapointed i'v not lost anything, in the last 2 week i've completely changed my eating habits and i'm now only consuming less than 1200calories per day, i'v stopped experiencing any side affects what so ever, is this a good thing? when should i start to loose weight? i'v also joined the gym in the last 2 weeks and currently doing 5 1hour+ sessions per week............... what's going on???? :sigh:
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Do you think you have lost inches?

Are you drinking loads of water each day?
Are you following the xenical rules? Less than 5g fat per 100g per food item, max 15g fat per meal, and max fat per day 45g? If you follow these rules you will(should) not get any side effects. The effects come when you go over the 5g rule (as I know lol, bit of a learning experience)

Generally it is advised to not eat less than 1200 as your weight loss slows under that amount as you are not eating enough.. And in my experience eating more than 1500/1800 you don't loose much weight either.,

I recently just re-started exercising again after an injury, I gained a whole kg that week and then it came off the following week! I also had started drink more water because I was exercising!

It sounds like you have really started to focus in last 2 weeks and the weight and inches will start to come off, just be patience :)


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Hi there, I can only really reiterate what mb has said above. One question though, the exercise you're doing at the gym is it cardio or strength. Cardio is the one that will burn the fat, strength work is likely to build muscle & increase your weight although your shape will be changing. Oh & can't remember is mb asked but are you drinking plenty of water? Maybe post a sample day of your food diary & see if a fresh set of eyes can see anything xx


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You shouldn't ever have been getting any side effects, if you were you weren't following the rules properly and this could be the problem. Eat a minimum of 1200 calories per day (have you looked at Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com You can find out there exactly how many calories you should be eating for your height and weight) Follow that, keep within the Xenical rules, drink plenty of water and do some exercise and you WILL lose weight. Good luck,

KB x


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are you taking the tablets correctly. i only ask as my practice nurse yesterday was telling me some people just take them three times a day regardless of food and are then suprised they dont lose weight. she was re iterating the need to take it when you eat food, think instructions are upto an hour after a meal. you have to have had some fat in the food for the tablets to get rid of. as i have recently been diagnosed as diabetic she has advised me to complete a food diary and wondered if this would be useful for you to show the practice nurse. just a thought. good luck


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S: 13st9lb C: 13st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 0st1lb(0.52%)
Thankyou, for your post's, i have managed a 1lb loss this week :banana dancer: (not much but it's great to see the scales move! after so long!)
I take the tablets 3 times a day with food, but for the first 2 months i was only on half the 120mg in the form of alli 60mg because i was only just at bmi of 30, but the doctor upped the dose last month after not loosing anything.
I hope the weight loss continues now i have my gym membership.
I do 50 mins cardio 5 days per week and most of the strength machines for about 20mins when i'm not aching so 2 or 3 times a week.
I'v also started to double my intake of water which is now about 4/5 75cl bottles a day.
My food intake is porridge every morning, fresh vegetable or tomato soup for lunch, and usually chicken breast with either veg or pasta for tea, snack's are ryvita with light choices cottage cheese or light choices dutch crispbakes with philadelphia light
The only thing i do over consume is coffee with no sugar and skimmed milk.
I have started to use the my fitness pal app in the last 3 weeks, which is brill.
Thanks for all your help & tips, I just found it so bizarre that i did not loose or gain anything in over 3 month of being on the tablets and following the rules!