Exams / OCD and lipotrim


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I am just wanting some advice and tips really...

Have exams coming up in January for university and wondering if i should stay on LT or do a refeed, seem to be doing ok but do some seem to lack some motivation to revise.

Also I suffer from OCD and this seems to have got really bad over the last few weeks with me constantly obessessing about silly things.

Any help/advice much appreciated.
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I did my final uni exams whilst on TFR and i passed with flying colours and infact i had got the best percentage mark i had got out of any of my exams ..... in all honesty i think being on TFR actually helped.

As for the OCD maybe this is something to speak to your doc about or someone else but its a possibility that TFR is affecting it as when i was tfring i was constantly cleaning and rearranging the cupboards all neat and in lines etc hope it doesnt get too bad for you. x