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Exante 1 shake a day

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I'm in the boat of people that tried vlcd's and put the weight back on. BIG mistake I made was thinking I could come off it for a week and jump back on.

I started out weighing about 21.5 stone, got down to 17stone and as of this morning, and prior to this evenings junk meal I weighed 19stone 11ibs.

When I did 3 shakes a day after the first two weeks I found I could miss them as I was in Ketosis and often had to go out of my way to fit the 3 a day in.

I know they are nutrionally balanced and idealy I shouldn't be cutting 2/3 of them out a day. BUT I've decided I'm going to give it a go. I won't be stupid If I feel very ill after about a week or so I'll come off it but the alternative of being 20 odd stone is probabally worse for my health and happiness overall than eating 200 calories a day.

Water's going to be my friend. When I did this first time around properly on exante total, I stuck to it 100% for 3 months, so I'm hoping to do something similiar this time around. By which time I think I'll try to reintroduce an extra 2 shakes a day and then do another 3 months at 600 calories a day.

My goal is to be at my ideal body weight for my height in about seven months which I guess will be a loss of about 9 - 10 stone.

By just having 1 shake (at lunch time) i'm cutting out all other temptation - the only thing I'll have is water - so it should be simple once I get through first 4 days or so. Just had a takeaway and am feeling full so we'll see how the resolve is in about 3 days time.

Tyvm for your support - look forward to sharing my journey with you.
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It sounds like you are determined to lose to weight but 200 cals is not enough. You have to remember to lose weight healthily and personally think you will become quite ill only having one shake a day x
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you are putting yourself at risk having just one shake a day. you will get dizzy spells and what if you pass out?
some times i used to forget to have a shake but that was just an odd missed shake every now and then.
exante total is a meal replacement diet and you should really take all three shakes.
from 600 cals to 200 cals in exante shakes a day i dont think it will alter your weight loss anyway as its not a high fat food!
try having the 3 shakes a day and then see how you feel after a few weeks. im sure you will see great weight loss
good luck ;)


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I have to agree with the others ILW. I don't think surviving on one shake a day is a good plan, and to be honest, I don't even think it would speed up your weight loss so why put your body through that? I agree that it will be much better for your health if you lose weight, but this WILL happen and will happen quickly with 600kcals from 3 packs a day if you can be 100%. I'd take that amazing determination of yours and apply it to being 100% TS as directed by exante. Good luck on your journey and take care of yourself :)


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Ok I see where your coming from I too have on occasion forgot to have all my shakes or not wanted them.. Or felt I could go on without then but unfortunately you can not do this to lose weight quickly your body needs enough vitamins and nutrients in one day this is split over packs, it doesn't speed your weight loss up only having one because your brain and body will believe you are starving it and switch to starvation mode and anything up do have it will hold on to ( think of the adverts on tv to donate to starving children etc all/most have a belly)
I know you think you will be ok but it's very dangerous and you could end up in hospital being drip fed if something happens. Please just try with the 3 a day and just see how it goes xxxx
The problem wasnt 600cals a day though last time, it was coming off and returning to old ways of eating. So this time if you have 200cals a day, but still return to old ways of eating, the weight is still going to return! I know I have just done it too!

200 cals a day, you are going to probably put yourself in hospital or on a mental ward to be quite honest!

Dont do it, do what worked last time 600 cals, 3 packs.

Research shows that that any calories up to 800cals a day will give the same results, why risk your health? xx


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The weight is gonna return even faster because you are basically gonna screw your metabolism. Not only that but your body will not eat fat, it will eat your living muscles, and guess what, your heart and all vital organs are muscle tissue. You need to do a maintenance plan properly not just give in when the weights gone!

Sorry to sound harsh but there really is enough aneorexia in the world without encouraging anyone else to do it.


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Why are you trying to re-invent an already successful diet. 3 shakes gives you all you need to keep you healthy at the same time as losing weight.

You are very silly and you will make yourself ill, if not short term you could seriously damage your heart and other organs in the long term.

I hate to go over ancient history but I got sick a couple months ago. I will add it wasn't because of Exante or VLVD, but I was seriously deficient in essential minerals. (i had a serious illness that used them up)I had tachycardia and almost died . I had to have my body flooded with IVs and mineral drinks that were vile. You would sooner drink pee. After that my poops were horrid (TMI) all I can say you don't want to go there.

There are plenty people on this forum who have lost a lot of weight (myself included) and none of us needed to resort to starvation.

You have my support if you follow the plan, please do.
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Ridiculous!!!! This should be banned! It's called a vlcd as it's already a very low calorie diet! There is so many impressionable young people on here and to state your going to reduce your cals to 200 and your rda of nutrients and vitamins to 33% is absurd. I think you need to seek medical help as this could kill you!
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The difference between one shake and 3 shakes a day is only 400 calories - over a week that will mean less than a pound of extra weight loss. It will massively increase your chance of having a heart attack and dying though! Is it worth it?
Best of luck with getting back on the exante wagon - the benefit of having more to lose is that you'll probably be looking at losing 1.5stone a month while having the 3 shakes, so can still meet your goal!
What on earth are you hoping to achieve by this mad method? Faster weight loss? A stone a month isn't fast enough?

You're not being smart you're not reinventing things. You're being irresponsible and risking your health.

You MUST have the packs to ensure you get the nutrients you need TO SURVIVE. You can't possibly expect to have 200 kcals a day and function.

Your body will also more than likely go into total starvation mode and you'll end up affecting your weight loss. You're also heading for an eating disorder

I hope you'll reconsider this ridiculous plan but if you won't then I'm sorry but minimins cannot and will not be seen to condone such a dangerous diet
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Is there a race that you have to be thin by a certain day ?
To be honest, I think only having one shake a day will reduce your chances of success on the plan, and decrease any weight loss.
Your body will go into starvation mode and refuse to give up any pounds on a long term basis.

You can not lose the weight overnight.
Did you put it all on overnight ?

A 19st 11lbs person weighs the same as a 19st 11lbs corpse, which is what you are gambling with in my opinion.


Sensibly losing :)
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Not currently on this as recovering from an op but felt the need to reply.. tbh this is either a complete wind-up posted to provoke a reaction or u will be the completely bald, ill person, shuffling outside with a heart condition IF u are lucky. Every single one of your organs will seriously struggle n eventually fail without enuf energy to do their job. Simple. If u wanna end up in a box as a 10stone corpse then this is the right way to do it... Or u can follow it sensibly n get to enjoy your new body n weightloss in a similar time period but without putting yourself in hospital or a box. Stupidity being key here! If u value your health this much as u do to lose the weight then just be half sensible... We have all missed the ODD shake. U keep going on about calories but any sensible person knows that its the nutrients n vitamins n suchlike that are FAR MORE IMPORTANT which is why its a balanced diet. Lipotrim is 425 cals a day for 3 shakes so maybe this is better?

Seriously think about what u are about to do.. even the starving in third world countries have access to higher calories in some parts n u only have to see how poorly they are n how they have to pick which kid to feed n which one to allow to die fgs! Grrr
Ridiculous!!!! This should be banned! It's called a vlcd as it's already a very low calorie diet! There is so many impressionable young people on here and to state your going to reduce your cals to 200 and your rda of nutrients and vitamins to 33% is absurd. I think you need to seek medical help as this could kill you!
dont worry Carrie, if the OP does insist on going down this route Minimins will not allow a record of the progress. We have very strict rules regarding this http://www.minimins.com/very-low-calorie-diets/223084-do-yourself-homemade-vlcds.html


please try again
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youve mentioned not having all your vits and minerals eating junk but i can bet you get enough protien. 1 pack is not enough protien to protect your muscles ( including your heart )
S: 15st10lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 5st4lb(33.64%)
I really hope you change your mind, ImLosingWeight!

There's some really good replies in this thread! I made my OH read every single one of them. He's doing a diet I don't agree with and I actually think this thread got through to him!


i will get to my GOAL !!
S: 14st2lb C: 12st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st6lb(10.1%)
omg im lost for words i hope you take every ones advise and do the diet properly, you will end up making your self very ill...:(
S: 20st7.5lb C: 20st6lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st1.5lb(0.52%)
The more I think about this thread, the more I think its a wind up.


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this is a stupid thing to do i hope you dont try to atempt this your body will go into starvation mode u will burn fat mre slowly u will eat in to muscle cause your bodys trying to eat every bit of energy you will probley loss weight slower than if you hade 3 packs a day, this already a very low calory diet but it provides all the vit and minerals, but i hope you listen to every1's comment cause i think you will be puting your health in danger to follow such a ridiculas diet ,

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