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Exante Advice


Slim for Summer!
hi fattea, the best place to buy exante is from the official website, knock-off places could well put you in danger, you dont know what's in those packs so it's best to be safe! exante requires willpower, & it's not a quick-fix, if you do this & then go back to your bad eating habits then the weight will come back on with a vengeance i'm sure. this is basically a lifestyle change for most, it's not to be taken lightly & from your post it sounds like you've tried all sorts. if you dont have willpower then perhaps talk to a nutritionist & get a diet plan & go to the gym. quick-fixes are rarely worth it :) x
It works out cheaper than that if you buy the 4-week bumper pack, around £25 per week I think.

But price isn't everything. :)

I can't give you a lipotrim vs exante argument cos I have no experience of lipotrim.

What I can tell you is that if you are obese any TFR VLCD is going to work for you provided you stick to the rules.

If you browse through this forum you will see many reasons why those of us doing it chose exante, similarly if you go to the lipotrim, CD, LL, New You etc sections you will see many reasons why the people doing those chose them and how they are working for them.

At the end of the day it's up to you. Gather together as much info as you can and try to make an informed decision about what is likely to work for you. You know your body, your willpower, your appetite. One thing I will say though is that on exante you are on your own, no regular monitoring by an outside party to see how you are doing. This can make it easier to cheat, but at the end of the day why would you want to cheat yourself?

A word of warning though. If you are "desperate" to lose weight don't think that this, or anyother VLCD, is going to be an easy option. It's not. To do it properly you don't need to be desperate you need to be determined. You will need focus, commitment, willpower and oodles of strength not just to start the plan but to stick to it.

Everyone here will be happy to support you in your journey, but it won't be a walk in the park. It's more of a trek through the mountains, and occasionally you will slide on the steep bits.

Good luck whatever you decide. :)
^^ what the most eloquent Yam said.

What sort of advice do you want? If you want a string of people to say 'It's easy' or 'it's great', then you may have a long wait, as some of the time, it isn't - that goes for any VLCD. If you want a lipotrim v Exante arguement - there isnt one really. A few people have said exante is better on the taste front, but it is really down to personal taste.

Exante is cheaper if you commit to a month at a time. I that way, I think it's the cheapest of the lot.

If you want us to tell you the packs are just like real food, they aren't - but they are a means to an end.

And to me, that end is just about 2st in 8 weeks. It works, if you work with it. That's what makes a VLCD worth the effort.

You sometimes have to dig deep and fight against all the urges that got you here in the first place, however the time away from food can prove a helpful time of reflection. If you don't break the cycle there's nothing to stop you being here again.

Good luck with whatever you can decide - if you have anything more specific you want to ask - fire away.
in my experience, I bought 2 bumper packs & then some from ebay (I think it was DayDream who sold her pack)
you know exactly what they look like if you buy from ebay after having a pack from the official website

Exante do their own stuff-accept no imitations :D
(that was pout on a thread on the main forum-someone took this time to research)
Hi,I have tried Cambridge diet , Lipo trim and Lighterlife and I am now on week 3 of Exante. I prefer the tast of Exante. I really enjoy the bars . The soups and shakes are really creamy. It's also the cheapest if you buy the bumper variety pack , it works out at £24.99 per week.

However a total food replacement diet has is an extremly difficult journey. In the first few days you have to be so strong and determined. You will experience head aches and possible nausea.

After the first week it gets slightly easier and you do begin to feel a sense of well being. It is a case of being completley focused on your goal.

I have so far lost 10 pounds on my first week and then 5 on my second. this have given me motivation to keep going.


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in my experience, I bought 2 bumper packs & then some from ebay (I think it was DayDream who sold her pack)
you know exactly what they look like if you buy from ebay after having a pack from the official website

Exante do their own stuff-accept no imitations :D
(that was pout on a thread on the main forum-someone took this time to research)

Any vlcd packaging can be counterfeited just like perfume and handbags...

The only way to be sure that what you are buying is to buy direct from the company so if you do have a problem you have some come back.

When doing a Total Food Replacement Diet you need to be aware there are a number of severe chronic contraindications which would rule against you doing a TFR as not everyone is suitable to do this diet and another thing is that if you are taking medication it might need to be adjusted as you go along on the diet and therefore you would need to be under the supervision of your doctor.

As with any diet it is always advisable to consult your own doctor before starting.


taking it 1 day at a time
Welcome Pottsie and well done so far. Look forward to seeing less of you, lol.
I know Mini is covering the forums reputation, but I have not been to see my Dr. about the exante

I also went straight to ebay when Daydreamer said she wasn't getting on with the packs & bought them off her
I know we must all be careful, but an experienced exanter (exantier? exantite?) know exactly how they taste, so if they do buy off ebay, they would be able to return if its not the real thing, or report it
Its buyer beware of course, but thats true in all walks of life


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Wow, I have enjoyed reading your replies and your own personal achievements are really spurring me on to get going. I am going to order my pack today and will be waiting by the door for it to arrive so I will keep you posted on my progress.

Can I jsut ask, what do you do when you get invited out for a meal.......do you just get right back on it or do you politely turn it down as they're are bound to be occasions when this happens.Not very often I know, but for eg I have been invited to s leaving meal next Saturday and I was hoping to have started my diet by then, or should I wait.
All of your advice has been fantastic. I didn't even know a website such as this existed and I hope I will be joining you all soon in my weight loss.

Social occasions can be a right bugger can't they? ;)

Personally the reason I started this diet when I did was so I could get a fairly clear run at it before too many things started to pop up and get in the way, obviously it's a bit late for that now for you though!

However, one of my reasons for choosing Exante is that you can be fairly flexible on it, and move onto an add-a-meal week (or working solution) at any time without doing too much damage to your long-term goal.

My advice would be if the meal is at the home of friends and/or family explain to the host what you are doing, go anyway and sit with your soup and water whilst they eat.

If it's a meal out go anyway, stick to water to drink and make a sensible choice with the food, so chicken or fish with a green salad or steamed veg, pass on the spuds and bread, don't go overboard with sauces etc. If you do this and it's just a one-off you will probably be OK.

The biggest problem with starting then having a big blowout meal and having to start again, in my opinion, is that you may have just gone through all that crap to get your body into ketosis and feeling better about the whole thing (most of us struggle a bit for the first few days) and just one meal of the wrong choices could blow it and mean you have to go through the whole thing again. I really don't want to do that to myself, dunno about you!

So yeah, I have some things coming up now that I have planned my add-a-meal weeks around. This means that they won't necessarily be every 5, 8 or 12 weeks like the book says (it will be 7 weeks between the last one and the next one, then just 3 more til the one after that) but as long as I stay withing the NICE guidelines of no more than 12 weeks continually on TFR I'm confident I will remain healthy, happy and losing weight. :)


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I would prefer a good clear run too for that reason, that I wish to get a head start and I know once I see the scales move in my favour I won't want to break it. I have just ordered and can't wait now. In fact I have given my one and only Easter Egg away, whereas before I would have scoffed everything in site before a Monday...he he

Thank you for your advice and hopefully your support in the weeks to come, think I feel a few early nights coming on. hahaha.
Good luck Fattea, you will have difficult days, but not every day. Just power through it and let the weight loss motivate you to keep carrying on!
Re meals out - it depends what it is, who it's with, and why.

here have been some proper events that I've wanted to do, that I've just worked around. They're roughly 4 weeks apart so have worked them in as part of a rather random refeed.

A couple of work events have cropped up, one I turned down (I was skint and the weather was awful anyway), but the other I still went to, as to refuse may have been a bit awkward. It was all very nice, still lost that week, but not as much as if I had stayed abstinent. But them's the breaks. You have to live with the consequences!

I'm afraid you have to weigh-up each event and the likely consequences of turning it down. Or is it something you really want to make, and the meal is part of the social aspect? (As it often is, in our society, not a bad thing overall, but that's the way it is.)

If it's a leaving do, can you go for a drink beforehand or afterward, instead? is this likely the last time you'll see this person? is going to the dinner part of it that important? If yes to the last two, then go for your meal!

Although the diet is a bit stiff, you are still in charge.

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