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Exante and exercise


I will do this!
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Hi all - I'm thinking of switching to Exante to kick start my loss, currently healthy eating and on pills. However I have just discovered the gym and loving exercise. Having done ll before I remember a lack of energy, certainly at first. This drastically improved as I lost weight. My question is do a lot of you exercise and do you find you have energy to do so? I have a 11 week old baby and a 3 year old so need to be chasing them around too!
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It's a case of listening to your body to be honest hun. You'll feel a bit wiped out for the first few days but then your energy levels will pick up. The recommendation I not to START any rigorous exercise program you should be ok continuing your usual levels on the diet and then build up to more as your body adjusts. I have changed what I do to focus on strength training more than cardio for now as I want to tone as I lose. Hope that helps hun x


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Amazed you have any energy left at all with two little ones! :)
I was knackered for the first 3-4 days on exante, barely had the energy to walk around tescos, but then it changed over night and now I can walk for miles every day and feel great (and thats jst 2 weeks in)
Probably best to take it really easy for the first week and then see how you go.
Good luck!


I will do this!!!
i started going swimming 2/3 times a week and doing zumba after i got past the first 3 weeks on exante and i feel great because of it. I'll be honest if i push myself too much at swimming when i get out i feel a bit dizzy but i know know exactly how much i can do. I have more energy doing ecersice and exante than i had before.
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When I started Exante I continued exercising.
I was going to Curves - a woman only gym - for 30 mins.
A few weeks into Exante I started doing an exercise dvd as well.
Some days I feel tired.... but I felt like that before Exante some days too.... so no change there then :p

You will be able to tell your self what is overdoing it and whats not, especially as you have been exercising for a while :)


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I was doing Cambridge an whilst on it did a fitness DVD 3/4 evenings a week swimming with 2.5 year old 3times a week then I walk everywhere! When I get started on exante i plan to continue but adding some extra cardio borrowing my dads exercise bike or weighted skipping as both will help my general health! Good luck but definitely listen to what others have said in regards listening to your body with 2 little ones they need you xxx

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If you are exercising regularly, remember to take your measurements as well as jumping on the scales.

Your body will change shape even if your weight loss slows or STS :D


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
aren't you lot a lovely bunch? thank you so much for the replies! I think you have convinced me that exante is what I need right now, I want fast results as I am back to work in September and things will only get harder then, so now is the time to get this weight off! After losing 6 stone with LL i was doing well at maintaining until I got pregnant so hoping this time I can learn as I go and keep it off for good, especially now I have found the gym and am enjoying exercise!

I have thought about when to start, and really I want to start tomorrow! But we are away this weekend in Oxfordshire with the in-laws, so think next week will be the best bet... so I guess I'll 'see' you all very soon!

Next question, what are the bars like compared to LL if anyone can make the comparison for me? I've read differing stuff, I really liked the LL nut fudge and peanut, however for me the taste isn't that important, but it's nicer if you can stomach the products!
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I did LL a few years ago, so not sure if the bars had changed since then, but personally I like these bars much better than the LL ones. Tehy look more like real food!


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I swim, 5 times a week. 25 Metre pool, started at 10 lengths, now around 50. So take it slowly, listen to your body and feel good. Don't over do, it isn't a race, it should all be fun.



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I'm probably not the best one to ask about exercise lol as I have turned into a gym bunny and I'm there three hours a day on weekdays! But I will tell you please listen to what your body tells you I didn't and ended up fainting! I now do ts on the days I'm not up the gym (Saturday and Sunday lol) and working solution every other day and like someone else pointed out check your measurements as I had a 5lbs gain but lost 2 inches from my waist and 3 inches off my bust! I've now lost the 5lbs and more after it settles down it drops quite quickly


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Is lying in the bath classed as swimming?

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