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exante and peanut butter ???


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I doubt we're allowed it, it's soooooo calorific (and full of fats). I mean, 2tbsp is around 200kcal! ):


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I suspect that because it's high in fat and quite high in carbs it's probably a no-no.

There are 588 calories in 100 grams of Peanut Butter.
Fat: 50.39g (Saturated Fat: 10.292g).
Carbs: 19.56g (Fiber: 6g, Sugar 9.22).
Protein: 25.09g.

Such a pity because I love peanut butter!!


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It is extremely healthy for you in small bits and great for normal diets as a healthy snack I always used to put a little bit on rice cakes or with banana etc but on a vlcd I think it would be a big no no

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thanx u lot when i wanted something sweet i used to have a teaspoon so it stopped the cravings my dad brought me some from holland was just nuts and butter no additives was good though well ill keep well away


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Omg I luuuvvve peanut butter!!! That was the one thing I missed when I was pregnant and avoiding nuts!!!! Oh well this diets like being pregnant lol no nuts bo booze and a smaller tummy at the end of it!!!!! Xxxxxx


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our local market make peanut butter it's so fresh but definately not for this diet x

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