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Exante - Day one

Good evening all.
Well day one under my belt of Exante and feeling positive. I am not hungry but missing tastes. I ordered the 28 day bumper pack and started it today. Having lost a stone in a month last year on lighter life I know it's possible - ut admittidly boring! The way I look at it is Feb is a short month and not much happening socially/weather wise or financially so to focus on shifting this weight that has been making me miserable for so long and to start it with a quick fix/weightloss to motivate me. I think I will only stay on it a month and told everyone (at work/friends and famly) as I need the fear of failing! Think I am in right headspace though so fingers crossed. It is so reasonable at £25 a week figure I will save money too.

Aim - under 10 stone

Starting weight:

31st Jan (am) 11.7 stone.

Good luck to all fellow dieters!

T x
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hadl86 said:
good luck hun. Lucky you not being hungry. I'm on day one but my pack didn't arrive till 2pm so I spent the morning starving xo
Urm did I say I wasn't hungry??!!!! Oh how things change!! Treated myself to a new hair do after work as part of the new me and not too happy with it so decided gonna have an egg sale when I get home as a treat for my long day. Feel like I need a taste sensation more than anything. Ordered some Ketostix today online so I can make sure I am eating within the Ketosis guidelines. Feel a bit less bloated tho having not eaten for two days just really can't wait to start seeing real results!! Gonna treat myself to my salad whilst watching my big fat gypsy wedding!! Have a nice eve all you slimmers out there - stay strong!! Xx


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Lol that hunger always gets you. A egg sounds wonderful but my loss so far this week is too good for me to give in to the hunger. As long as youre sticking with meat and green leafy veg you'll be fine with regards to ketosis. Enjoy your salad!
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Im on my 3rd week and getting proper bored. I had some ham tonight, not cos I was hungry but i just needed something pleasnt tasting.Once i shift a stone Il start adding food in and things shud feel better then
Morning all it's day 4 for me and going really well. Keeping hunger at bay I am a veggie so l had quorn pieces last night lightly fried with one cal, soy sauce & onions with leaf salad tomato cucumber and balsamic vinegar also drop of milk in my tea last night and this morning. I am in a healthy Ketosis (darkish pink according to my newly arrived sticks) read somewhere it's best to check urine in morning as all the water in day dilutes ketones later on in day. Are there any other veggies out there? Protein I am aware of (non meat) is cottage cheese, quorn (plain) eggs and tofu. I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and I seem to have list around 5 pounds this week already!! Clothes feeling looser and continuing with sit ups each morning. Have a great day everyone keep up the good work imagine how thin and good we will feel by summer!! Stay strong xx
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Well done on getting to day 4! I am halfway through day 1 and already wanting to chew my arm off haha!

Your meal sounds yum and very healthy but I would just watch the tomatoes especially if you are having splashes of milk to. From my atkins days ( many moons ago though!) I remember tomatoes being a bit of a dodgy minx! So unsuspecting yet some can be quite high in carbs :(


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Tomatoes are high in carbs so definitely try to avoid them. You're better off sticking to green leafy types of veg, cauli and the like. You'll find a post in the main forum giving a list of foods likely to keep you in ketosis.

Well done on getting to day 4.
Thanks for letting me know about tomatoes!! Damn oh well.could of sworn I was allowed them on lighter life but I'm prob getting confused so will avoid in future. That's the only bad thing I would say about Exante is the what you can eat thing us a bit vague in their literature compared to ll really appreciate any tips going!! So jo you seem to be the expert (well done btw on such a life changing weight loss!!) is it mainly just green salad? Can I have mushrooms and onion? Sorry not being lazy but using I phone and there are thousands of threads to search thru so...... actually ..........lol I am being a bit lazy ha ha (long day at work and sitting in dentist waiting room yikes!!) xx ps quite exited that coke zero allowed I been surviving on water and black coffee so gonna treat myself to a can on the way home!! Pps might sound silly but is mouthwash allowed?? Xx


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
Not an expert by any means. I didnt lose all my weight on Exante, I started out on Atkins which is how I know which types of foods to go for.

You can have most green salad veg and loads of other veg such as artichoke, celeriac, asparagus, spinach, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, leeks, cabbage, water chestnuts, cauliflower, courgettes. Try to avoid things like tomatoes, peas, onion, turnip, etc.

Mouthwash is allowed and can be a godsend with ketosis breath. ;) Id be careful with the coke zero as well if I were you. Stick with a maximum of one can a day, especially so early on.

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