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Exante days?

If you're calorie counting on the other days but still eating carbs then you won't go into ketosis so by doing a couple of days a week you're just keeping the calories low not actually gaining the benefits of ketosis. At least that's how I understand it xx
Hmm that's a point, about the ketosis. Why I was thinking of it is that it's nutritionally complete, and I find it a bit wearing keep thinking of different real food to eat that will give me everything I need in under 1000Kcal. So I thought it would give me a couple of days off having to think.

But I suppose if I haven't acheived ketosis I would be horrendously hungry on Exante.
i'm on day 4 and haven't yet gone in to ketosis (at least i assume not as had no symptoms) but have not felt hungry at all so you will probably be fine on those days xx


Rebel without a calorie
Each time you re-start a vlcd it's harder than the last. If it's your first time you probably wont be too hungry as it's a new experience and you're so committed. Subsequent times the body seems to think 'oh here we go again' and it's harder. Just look at the posts for those who've had holidays and found it hard to get back to total!
I wouldn't recommend a couple of days a week as it's the first 3-4 days that are the hardest and you would be going through this every week.
I know a lot of hard core VLCD afficionardos won't agree but you can use the products and eat conventional food as well and if being sensible still lose weight - you won't necessarily be in ketosis and you won't have the same rate of weight loss- but there is no law against it - it is what the medical advisors at exante advised me to do (as breastfeeding)

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