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Exante drink flavourings whilst on Lipotrim 100%tfr



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Aaww, Hazelr.... responding your 'wave_cry' -but I really don't know the answer! Sounds like it should not have an impact on your Ketosis but I guess you couldn't really say you were sticking 100% to the guidelines if you did?
Find out what works for you. Choose well!
thanks for response, yeah I don't know if I'd feel guilty or whatnot. I'm currently enjoying swirling mouthwash round my mouth because it is a different taste other than water or tea :sigh:
oh well weigh ins are keeping me going haha :)
Hazler, you truly are an inspiration with your amazing progress! Noticed you have your weigh in tomorrow... let us know how it goes! I'm on day 12 tomorrow and struggling with cravings but still 100% right now.
thankyou! I lost 4lbs at my latest weigh in! Haven't been drinking enough water lately so downloaded an app on my phone which reminds me to drink water every hour :p
well done for staying 100%, it's difficult but it's worth it :D
Well done on another 4lbs lost! Haha I set alarms on my phone to remind me to drink water too! It's easy to forget otherwise.

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