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exante offers now on

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on the exante website they have their christmas offer up. 35% off all full priced products. bumper packs not included. you will need a code at the check out and to get this you need to tick the box where it says subscribe to their newsletter. you will then be sent a code to your email address.
about time they got their finger out but still makes it cheaper to buy the bumper packs :(
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Really pleased they reduced the individual products. Have just eaten my last bar so have now ordered a couple of boxes.
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Yeah the mixed bumper pack is still cheaper.... Well l ordered mine yesterday coz OH kept "reminding" me about it as l only have packs till Tue, as we have snow I dont think l will get a delivery coz of the snow. Gosh l really hate the tomato and basil. On my last pack l swapped with OH`s sister since she only had a stone to lose now am dreading that vile test. L have tried curry powder and everything else:sigh:
I'm going to have to get my calculator out. I really wanted to order some shakes but will need to work out how much dearer it is than the bumper packs.
It works out at 36p more per shake to get the flavour you choose.
50 shake reduced = £1.55 per pack
Bumper pack = £1.19 per pack


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Oooh great! I'll be ordering the shakes bumper pack and a box of each bar - woo hoo, well done Exante!!!
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Sod's law, isn't it? I waited and waited, had two days being very naughty because I didn't have any shakes left, ordered at 7.30 this morning and got the offer e-mail 5 hours later. :(

I've scoured the e-mail, which says I need to be registered for the newsletter to receive a code. I then log on, to find I am registered for the newsletter but there's no sign of any code. Grrr.

What I didn't realise either is that the bars obviously don't count as food to HM Customs & Excise as you get charged full VAT on them, whereas the shakes and soups are VAT free. So 35% off the bars
isn't quite as good a deal as it looks when you add 17½% VAT on!

Sorry, moan over. Being without Exante for a few days while waiting for the Christmas bargains has obviously made me a bit tetchy - though probably no more than normal!


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As a newbie to Exante, could anyone tell me if the offer of 50% off bumper packs (ie the 84 shake/soup packs) is always running? Or been running a long time? It says they're usually £199.98 but they're now £99.96?
Im not sure whether to panic buy an extra box while this offer is still on! :rolleyes:
S: 21st11lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 3st5lb(15.41%)
Hi Miss G

The bumper packs have certainly been £99.96 since I started at the beginning of September. Exante haven't said anything about increasing the price - thankfully - so I don't think there's any need to panic buy these.

The only "panic" at the moment seems to be delivery times because of the weather. :)
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Hi Miss G. Its pretty much a permanent thing. Ive never known it to be any other price so I wouldnt panic buy quite yet.


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S: 12st12lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 1st10lb(13.33%)
Thanks given Joanne + GFG..
I'll keep my £99.96 until I run out.. :D


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Hi no its always like that they say its half price as if you bought the flavours individually it would cost you double.
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Miss G
I think the offer on the bumper pack is always there...has been for a couple of months anyway...does anyone know if u have to pay custom and excise when u receive the pack...jen:D

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