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Exante or lipotrim?



please try again
ive not tried lipotrim but i made the move from cambridge to exante. for the money saving you will love exante, lol

the shakes and bars for the main part are lovely on exante
I have done both Exante and Lipotrim. Definitely Exante for me as the bars are a great alternative to shakes, there is so much more variety of flavours and it's soooo much cheaper. If you need the discipline of the weekly weigh in though that is the main advantage of Lipotrim. If you can manage without that definitely give Exante a go. I'm sure you will find all the support you need right here. I don't post often but spend hours reading the threads and finding that we are all going through the same thing. It really helps. x x
Thanks for replying are the results the same though? That's my worry I would get my fella to weigh me or just weigh myself I suppose it takes the same amount of willpower thanks again xx

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Thank you so much for the link very helpful xx

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please try again
i have an appointment each week to call my diet coach ( my ex) to let him know my weight change each week after weigh in
Starlight I have just read through your Exante diary wow you done so well only got half way through cos baby needs bath and bed but very well done! Very inspirational xx

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Hi just to let you know l was on lipotrim for 7weeks ,did really well, and had a really good pharmacist that weighed me every week and was really supportive cost £36 a week, l only changed because l went on both sites and compared the weight losses and they are basically the same,also if you get the bumper packs at exante you can get a months supply for approx £100 a great saving, l found there was more variety and the soups and bars are tastier. You can get so much advice and support off these sites and they really keep you focused and motivated,but dont be fooled the first week especially can be hard but once your in ketosis, approx after 3 to 5 days it does get easier,but you know if you percevere you will loose weight and then you can have a big smile on your face , hope this helps, hope we hear from you soon when you start your weight loss journey xxx
Thank you I'm going with Exante woop roll on payday lol xx

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Hiya, looks like you have made your mind up but I'll post anyway. I too have done both. Lipotrim tried it about 4 times and the last time I felt awfull sickness, constipation need I go on!). Due to desparation yet again I decided to try vlcd again. I come on this site often and saw the advert so decided to give it a try (also a bit strapped for cash). Well impressed!!! the shakes are much nicer (found the others to have a weird after taste making it very hard to swallow!! ) they are also creamier and don't taste as synthetic (quite good as I don't even like milk). The bars are a complete godsend, I really disliked the lipotrim ones they were discusting. These are like a real flapjack. This is ideal as if your out and about it's hard to do the shake thing, so the flapjacks are fab. I have one for my dinner at work, feels great to just eat something. I think there is much more variety with this as all the pharmacies I did LT with frowned upon me and made me feel like a failure if I fell off the wagon. I also think if you buy the bumper pack and you have parted with the money your more likely to keep it up. Very good luck to you, Sarah xXx
Thank you so much Sarah if I hadn't decided your post would have swayed me ;-) good luck to you too xxx

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