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exante pack arrived today!!!


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Afternoon everyone,my pack arrived today....84 shakes and 20 bars.
Going to finish off my Lipotrim shakes first and start Exante on Friday.
I did try half a bar earlier though and theyre really nice,hopefully the shakes are too.
Has anyone got any tips as to exercise?
How long should I wait to I start etc etc,Ive got a treadmill so was hoping to use that.
Any ideas?
Hope everyone is ok and not too hungry!
Martin x
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
YAyyyy Martin... I was all excited too! I think its the shiny wrappers.. ooohh shiny!! that and the first step on journey :D...
Hope you have an amazing first day when you do start them totally....

Mark is our gentleman who is probably better suited to give you non ladylike exercise advise :D.. and I know he is awaiting some gym equipment...

but for what its worth, and from a girly view point at least. I think the general advice from those with much more experience is that the problem with VLCD's is that your calories are so low you need all of them for your body to function correctly, if you expend too many calories doing exercise it may push you into a state of starvation where your body refuses to let go of anything at all and your weight loss stops.

I'm sorry if the rest of this seems a little repetitive but I wrote some of this in reply to kadmus earlier today :D so my mind might be on repeat.

I found the advise from Yambabe really helpful on this topic of exercise to boost metabolism.. hopefully she, or some of the more experienced exante dieters like quak, will stop by and fill in the gaps...

But I think exercising can be good, but try and concentrate more on strength-building exercises than anything that involves cardio.

Weights and core stuff is all good and will help you build muscle which in turn will boost your metabolism and help speed your weightloss.

Unfortunately when you are on a VLCD too much cardio exercise will lead to you losing muscle mass so could impede your weightloss.

http://www.minimins.com/exante/13236...cise-vlcd.html (Benefits of resistance excercise on a VLCD)

I tend to do the upper body movements and miss out the lower cardio heart pumping leg twirling kicking jumping.

Warning though, I tried to do a few basic routines the first few days and it wasn't a good idea. I felt whoozy. So will try to start again this second week, but will be listening to my body. Our bodies are already working hard to stabilise on the new calorie intake. Slow and steady for me I think

From personal experience and reading, I would say don't rush straight into exercise too, certainly don't increase the amount you do for the first few weeks of your diet. VLCD is pretty extreme and you need to give your body chance to adapt

I think we need to be good and gentle to ourselves :D xx

Hope this helps a little until a big burly man can answer :D

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I tend to try to walk a lot, I really enjoy it.
Hey Martin, enjoy the space packs, I actually do not kind them, good luck fore the coming days/weeks and months. As far as exersise goes, do not over do it. You will know when you have done enough, you will get light headed and out of breath, I know I have tried. I am going to trying some strengthing exersises from tomorrow and will let you know.


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Thanks a lot short and dumpy for your help,think I might give it another week then.....I didnt take much persuading did I! haha
How you doing today?
heyaa martin congrats on gettting ur packs they are actually quite tastyy most of them...:D....and exercise yeah think starting it slow and steady will probably be the best...i have started doing situps, side dips, and syd crunches from todai...been on the treadmill 2 days a week but i never get very far on it probably coz i am just not a runnner loll..hate runnin hehe, and the mp3 player don;t even work coz wen you are on the treadmill i swear the songs seem to go on even longer loool....buh yeah i do walk a lot..:D so that mite b a good place to start...

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
treadmill.. reposition in front of the telly and go for a walk while you watch the footie hehehe
Sounds like a good idea 'short and dumpy'(doesnt sound nice calling you that btw,im sure youre not)if I had the strength to bring it in from the garage i would haha.
Thanks everyone for your advice,very helpful.
Im so glad I found this site,its been a big help and Im sure it will continue to be in the weeks/months to come.
Thanks again

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
nono I am rather short and a whole lotta dumpy heheh xxx
You remember weebels? the ones that wobble but don't fall down....


short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
hehehe xx I think we are lucky to have such charming gentlemen on the forum
That's a first!!!,me being called 'charming' haha!
Anyway,another good day today,not hungry and feeling fine.
I realise everyone on here has no doubt already tried this but today I drunk half my strawberry shake and put the other half in the freezer for an hour or so until it was frozen...and it was lush,really liked it,especially sitting in the sunshine!,give it go while we still have a nit of summer!
Hope everyone is ok.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
mmmmmm strawberry lollies!
i do i do i do
i even brought some proper lolly moulds today hehe

Well done on yet another fantastic day :D (a little jealous that there is yet another one finding it so easy hehe grrr)

Get you with yer lollie moulds! haha
I didnt say it was so easy btw,I do get tempted,normally when my wife and kids are tucking into something yummy for their tea!
Im looking forward to the first weigh in,just hope Im not dissappointed!
Hoping to start a bit of exercise at the weekend and Im also starting my Level 1 football coaching course on Friday....OMG I must be mad! haha

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Noooo determined! xx we don't use the word mad...unless it is in relation to Mark liking the tomato and basil soup ;) xx
My advice as an ex CD-er is ... no high impact exercise. On a VLCD you have neither the carbs nor the calorie intake to support 'the burn' and it will harm you. Take it easy, gentle exercise, no very demanding stuff. You may feel lightheaded, sick and ill if you try to do too much on so few calories.

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