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Exante VS Lighter Life


My name's Nicole...I'm 28 and have been overweight for pretty much half of that!
Two years ago I lost 5 stone on CD (with much faffing about) but quickly put it all back on again...and more.

I've been around 15st 7lbs for most of my adult life but went up to 18st 3lbs last year in the lead up to my wedding...go figure?! I joined LL on 3rd March this year and am now down to 15st 7lbs again (after more faffing) but it's so expensive and to be honest, I'm not finding the group therapy very progressive or helpful...I can't shake the feeling (no pun intended) that I'm just another £72 a week to the counsellor and, having had CBT in the past, I don't think my counsellor knows what he's doing. I was under the impression that it was a closed group but people keep coming and going and we never move forwards with the workbooks. Also, we only get around 20 mins of 'group' time due to the sheer amount of people weighing in. I also can't help feeling disillusioned by the fact that Bar Hewitt, founder of LL has gone back up to a size 32! Not encouraging.

I'm finding that I resent spending th £72 a week and am very VERY tempted to try Exante....I'd be very grateful for some input from people who have tried both or who are on Exante...how is it without any kind of official support? Is there a structured plan for coming off it once you hit your target?

Any comments gratefully received! :)

Nicole x
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Welcome alittlepoison! :)
Exante is much cheaper. If you buy bumper pack for 4 weeks, you pay Ł100.80. LL for 4 weeks would cost you Ł288. No need to say more.

This diet is great and you can see some results very quickly. In your bumper pack you get 84 products, you have 1 bar, soup, shake a day and no need to worry about all the calorie counting and stuff. You can drink mineral water, black tea and coffee, peppermint tea, green tea. A few first days is hard, but when you get into Ketosis you feel much better, no hungry, more energy. For example I got into Ketosis on my day 4. A day before I had a little headache and was grumpy and that was it.
This forum is unbelievable helpful with lots of people who supports you all the time. You do not need any counsellor. You can do your diet with us. Everyone here will help you if needed.
Honestly, if your BMI is over 25, join us you will not regret it.
And if you find total slolution too hard ( which I don't believe in) you can always do working solution or simple solution.
Join us and you will get there earlier than you think :)
Whatever you decide, good luck!!!
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oh I forgot that you can also drink coke zero and dr pepper zero too :) so not too bad ee?

Coming off the diet can be done easily. From total solution you go to working solution, then to simple solution. During this time you learn how to choose and add healthy meals, which won't affect your maintaining. You can do that as long as you need. Then you can try just healthy eating when you feel you are ready and know what and how to do.

You will be fine. Try it. If you need help you will get it here. Promise. People here are fantastic. :)
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Hey Nicole, since you're already used to doing food abstinence diets it would be a no brainer to join the exante team, the cost is significantly less than LL, your counsellor doesn't seem to be doing much for you, you'll get just as good advise, encouragement etc on here the only downside might be you don't attend a class for weigh in! . Give it a go you've nothing to lose but the weight .....



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I am changing from CD to Exante as it costs £42 for a weeks worth of shakes on CD compared to £26.89 on Exante.

I have a councilor who delivers the shakes but she isn't really any help or inspiration.

Apprantly she did CD a few years ago and lost a couple of stone but I am sure it's just the money that makes her a Councillor. I have asked what various products taste like and she hasn't even tried them!

She weighs me in my kitchen and this week she didn't even close the door when she came in - hence a quick get-a-way!

I also think having someone else weigh me in puts me under pressure. I have been weighing myself once a week first thing in the morning whereas she weighs me at any time of day to suit her visit - anything from 10.30 am to 6pm. i think this can make a difference as I am always watching how much fluid I drink if having a late weigh in.
Welcome! :)

I also can't help feeling disillusioned by the fact that Bar Hewitt, founder of LL has gone back up to a size 32! Not encouraging.
Really? Gotta link? (another LL to exante convert!)


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I was on Howard's Way which was also pretty expensive, and involved lots of phone support and paperwork and everything. I lapsed for a few days after getting some bad news just 1 week in, and being all emotional, and i pretty much had to leave, although if i really really wanted i probably could have gone back on it my locum said the office may understand my circumstances. The thought that the slightest break in the diet normally means they throw you out with no further help was a lot of pressure, the high cost too... and i needed something which can allow me to crash and burn from time to time as i have some major food issues... and then still get back on track.

Anyway, i really like Exante so far - the price being one of the biggest attractions. I found the shakes aren't so nice as my last plan, they are much more plain and not very sweet at all, something i really miss at times but is easy enough to get used to... however they are more filling than my last ones, which is a bonus.

Also, i love the active forum here... it's been a real help.

Go for it!
No competition really Exante all the way! You will get a lot of support and also lose a lot of weight .... come on buy the bumper pack and get shedding that weight!! x
Hi alittlepoison and welcome. I haven't tried any other TFR diet as I was put off by the cost and the fact that I just don't do group therapy. When I found out about Exante I was so excited as it offered everything I wanted.

I've only been doing it for 2 weeks but have found it quite easy to get on with. I started with the bumper pack of shakes as I wasn't sure I'd like the soups. Personally I like the taste of the shakes but I know some people who have done other TFR plans have not liked them so much as they're less sweet but I think this is one of the best things about Exante. It is slowly but surely educating you to get used to not having so much sugar or sweet stuff in your diet. This is a big plus for me.

I think if you're not getting the benefit of your extra payments each week through the counselling then you might as well try Exante for a month and see how you go.

Good luck with what you decide:).


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Just reading this thread and all of your helpful responses guys, has made me go & fetch my bankcard and go on to exante's website!!!

Bumper back in cart!!!... Now, to buy or not to buy, that is the question!!
I did LL last year. It was going really well initially but then I resented taking time out of my day by going to group sessions and I HAD to stop because I couldn't afford it anymore so one day I just bit the bullet and stopped going. I wish I found exante earlier. Doing it all online suits my lifestyle infinitely better and I spend less on exante than I did with my normal food shopping! I say if you feel LL is not for you just take action and convert. The shakes are better on exante anyway!
Buy it now .... its the best thing you'll ever do!! x
G'wan, g'wan, g'wan :)


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Skinniminx said:
Buy it now .... its the best thing you'll ever do!! x
bornagain said:
G'wan, g'wan, g'wan :)
I ended up buying it!! You guys twisted my arm ;) haha ! It was delivered today & I'm starting on Monday! Wish me luck! x

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Well done Lauryn and good luck for Monday I'm sure you'll get on fine

I've done both LL and am now on Exante. There is nooooo contest with Exante winning hands down:

- £26 a week v £72 a week for LL (crazy)
-Shakes are much tastier on Exante

-This online support forum has been far better for me than going to one meeting a week. People are always here to help.

I wouldn't go back to LL if they paid me.
Yeah I agree the support on here is brilliant, not sure about the meeting once a week if that would be enough for me but there are support groups on here for LL as well i've noticed, Exante wins hands down on cost - £72 per week for LL seems a rip off!



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Wow I never knew how much LL cost :eek: bloody good job I found minimins and looked at the exante section! x
I say the very best of luck to all on a VLCD. One very tough way to lose weight!
I say the very best of luck to all on a VLCD. One very tough way to lose weight!
Thanks girly girl unfortunately for some of us there is no other choice and it's what we have to do, the results will be worth it in the end.


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