Exante VS Lipotrim?

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Hi everyone!

Hope you're all doing great! I'm half ways through week 3 now - can't believe it! :D

Something that's been on my mind for a while now is wondering what the weight losses are like when comparing Lipotrim to Exante?

With Lipotrim you have 3 shakes/bars/soups a day which totals about 400 calories.

On Exante you have your 3 shakes/soups/bars per day which works out at around 600 calories.

So on Exante we're having an extra 200 cals per day compared to the likes of CD and Lipotrim.

This means about an extra 1,400 calories per week.

In real terms, how likely is this to slow down weightloss compared to Lipotrim?

1,400 calories equates to nearly a full days worth of food on a "normal" diet...

Has anyone noticed any differences in weight loss between this and other TFR diets?

Thanks everyone!
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Good question!

I was wondering this too. One pound of fat is worth 3500 calories - so in theory I expect that weight losses would be 0.5 pound less per week on exante or 2 pounds less per month.

So instead of losing 14 pounds then I think it might be 12 pounds. This is purely mathmatical but I would be interested in knowing on average what the difference is.

I know chellywelly is losing weight like a mad woman on exante - but i think she is special! lol



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Don't forget that everybody loses at different rates anyway so you could never say one diet is going to give you better losses than another when you are only talking 200 calories a day. It would all depend on the person and lots of other variables besides.
B xx