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Exante Vs Lipotrim

Hi everyone!
Just wondering if you could give me a little bit of advice...I'm currently on Lipotrim, and i'm on my 4th week...all is well and i have lost 20lbs so far. The only problem is that i am finding that there isn't much choice as i don not like the soup. I've checked out Exante, and there certainly looks to be more choices. Could you advice me if there is much difference in the two diets, and also, are the shakes/soups/bars any good? i want to continue with total food replacement for another 4 weeks.

Advice much appreciated.
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Here we go again!
Hi Rachel. I've done LT twice before and decided to try exante this time. I'm finding the flavours much nicer. The bars are really nice and tasty too, not like the awful cardboard/beefy tasting bars of LT.


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I find exante is more enjoyable than LT because like Bev said, the flavours are much nicer, and the bars are really nice, but I found LT a bit easier to stick to because of the price... lol £48 a week!!!

Also, I didn't like going to the weekly weigh ins, the person who weighed me didn't have a clue and she wasn't really supportive, this forum is MUCHHH better, so exante is perfectly fine for myself :)
I'm waiting to use the last of my Lipotrim shakes then going to exante, i cant wait!! I have bought the tesco's own meal replacement bars which are scrummy!! Are we allowed the Atkins bars?? x
Thanks for your help guys. My Exante has now arrived!! I'm just finishing off the Lipotrim, which should take me through the next couple of days...i can't wait to try those bars...they look nice!! Lipotrim has served me well, and certainly given me the kick-start that i needed so a massive thumbs-up to it, but i'm hoping Exante is a little more 'exciting'. Oh and after reading some posts, i got myself some Asda's own Zero sugar cola, it's lovely!!! And only 50p! Bargain! It makes a change and acts as a nice little treat. xx


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You won't be disappointed with the bars, especially if you've tried th eLT ones, the orange bars are NICE!
I can't wait to try them! I tried the peanut LT one...it was absolutely foul!!!! Words can not express how disgusting it was! I did wonder why the pharmacy gave me a free sample!!! Ha! Apparently we can have the Biggest Loser bars, is that right? Obviously, not in addition to the Exante ones, but as an alternative. Anyone got any advice on that, or perhaps tried them?
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just been reading up on exante, and might give it a go myself. I'm not being 100% with lipotrim, and exante got more variety, and cheaper. will wait until i've used up my lipotrim shakes 1st and can't really afford to purchase anything at the moment. good luck with all your losses and you might be seeing me over here in the next week or so. :) x

p.s well done to you all on your losses x

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