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exante water flavourings


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I emailed Exante this week, as I was concerned about the amount of carbs in their water flavourings. I posted it elsewhere, but in case you didn't see it :)

The carbohydrate content we list is the gross number of Carbs, rather than then net carbohydrates. It is important to understand the difference when comparing products as some products may list the net Carbohydrate values which will appear extremely low in comparison. Gross values will also include carbohydrates in fibre. Some other companies take the carbohydrate value, then minus the carbohydrates in the fibre and then they list what is called 'net carbohydrates' and it appears that they contain virtually no carbohydrates. Our Water flavourings are comparable to most water flavourings on the market. New labelling laws that will be coming into force will make everyone list their gross values so it will be easier for consumers to compare products.

In regards to your consumption of our water flavourings it is fine to replace some of your daily fluid intake with the water flavourings and it shouldn't have any effect on your ketosis levels. Ketosis does vary from person to person so if you are concerned about your ketosis levels then it may be worth you monitoring them, but they will not affect your weight loss.

I hope this has been of some assistance.

However not sure I am any the clearer having read it :confused:

I use them with sparkling water and it makes it like a Fanta :)

And from what I understood from that Exante response, it seems that if you change 1 litre or so, it "SHOULDN'T" affect your diet and state of Ketosis.

Of course in reality the "shouldn't" sometimes becomes "will" and thats where sh1t hits the fan... lol

I haven't been having problems so far.
I suppose what they're saying is that it might affect you but the only way to know for sure is to poas and see. Which is fair enough I guess as what works for one doesn't for another.
Ive never tried the Exante ones but I drink about 3 litres a day of water flavoured with CD flavourings
Oh yeah! Try orange with sparkling water, its pure fanta! :D
Fiber is indigestible and does not affect ketosis. That is why many companies only list their net carbs (which as someone else pointed out, is total carbs (gross) minus fibre). Net carbs show you digestible carbs, if that makes sense. Fiber just goes right through you, which is why people mix those fiber supplements into their drinks. That is also why certain green vegetables (which contain a lot of fiber) do not affect keto. It sounds like this Exante rep doesn't even know what he or she is talking about.

If anyone wants further reading on this, it is almost always talked about on Atkins forums and in Atkins articles.

So the answer is, look at the net carbs and keep track of how many you are consuming throughout your day. Bars have some, water flavourings have some, etc etc. I believe Atkins advises no more than 30g digestible carbs per day to stay in keto, but you should check that.

Again, if a product lists total carbs (also known as gross carbs) but not 'net carbs', then you can figure it out for yourself by taking the total number of grams of carbs, and subtracting the grams of fiber.


To infinity and beyond!
The exante flavouring has 3.03 carbs per 5 gram so if I take away the fibre (2.65) I am left with 0.38 of 'countable' carbs.
Am I right?


To infinity and beyond!
Oh good, I was worried that I was having too many carbs using the water flavourings, but 0.38 grams doesn't sound too bad :)

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