Exante800 Diary!


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Hi all ☺️ I’m new to Exante & starting on Monday with 4 products a day... my order is arriving today so I’ll sort my products and post my meal plan later today ready for Monday! I’ve recently lost a couple of stone with SW but I’m now putting it back on & have no motivation to stop it, I constantly think about food & im currently in therapy for binge eating disorder amongst other things, this is why I decided to try Exante, if I don’t have to think about food or eat it I’m hoping it stops me fixating on it?! Anyway thanks for reading & sorry for the overshare 🤦🏼‍♀️ Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all & following your journeys 🤟🏼
So the original plan was to wait till Monday to start but I was feeling impatient so I’m starting today 😮 the plan is:
Salted caramel shake
Red Thai curry soup
Lemon bar
Cherries & berries shake
2 cups of tea
2-3 lt water
Starting weight this morning was 14st 7.4lb
Here goes week 1
thank you for reply. This is day 1 for me. Not sure if I can stick with it but going to give it a go. 🤞
One meal at a time, it’s more about control and once you keep telling your self yes I can, yes I can.....you will.

one meal at a time.....turned into day one done, then day,two,three four, then you have done a week, that turns in to two ect, ect.

this is not easy but it’s a whole lot better than not doing it.

you can do this just be prepared.
I have plenty hot drinks, and cold, get rid of high temptations and go for it. You will be so pleased you did xxxx
That's a good way to think about it:) Lockdown is probably a good time to try it, lot of temptation away. Today has actually been ok, I've had my three shakes and my 200kcal meal. 4 pints of water and got my 10000 steps, a good day 1 :)

This is end of the second week for you right? Fantastic! Ooft hope I can last that long!