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excercise and SS

Hi All

I'm on week 3 of SS and its going really well - have not cheated once (YET)

I was thinking of heading to the gym so I have a few questions sorry all!!
Can you excersise on sole source and do you all excercise - if yes how often and what type do you do?

Got a total of 84 pounds to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

week 1 = 5
week 2 = 7

72 pounds to go now!!

Thanks ALL
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hi, yeah exercise will really boost your weight loss, i ran 5miles yesterday and im in a running club so train 3 times a week and walk lots. The gym is great never fear it, the people that work there will be able to advise you of a programme (thats what they get paid for so make sure you use them!!) It will really boost your happiness aswell and will see you fitness improve within a couple of weeks!!

Go for it!!

It doesn't really affect my hunger i just up my water intake!
no, not at all, i tend to know when i am going to be hungry etc so i go to the gym at the times when i feel strong, but this varies between everyone, morning may be better than night etc. One way to forget about the tiredness/weakness or really cant be bothered is to book into a class like aerobics, you know you are booked in so have to go and once you have completed it you feel so motivated and the chances are 75% of the people around are feeling exactly the same way ( especially at this time of the year)
Hi there

I think CD advice is that if you regularly exercise anyway there should be no problem continuing when on SS. If exercise is new to you, you shouldn't do anything vigorous and the best exercise is light toning. I have to say I have been extremely lazy and haven't done any but have started doing some toning exercises with tins of beans in the last couple of weeks. My real plan is to get the weight off first and then focus on improving fitness and toning.

i stick to classes at the gym, i do aqua aerobics 2x week (plus 30 min swim) body balance (yoga/tai chi mix) 2x week and aerobics 1x week. I dont have the energy for running or hard sessions at the gym but love the classes a lot.
Thanks a million for all your advice and tips - am joined to curves but have not been in a while so will venture back this week - will let you all know how I get on

Best wishes to all

Well done to georgie and silhouttes you both have fantastic losses - hope its me some day soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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