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Excercise on Prescription = Scared

Hi All! :)

My dr refered me to a dietition to help shed the pounds and then my dietition suggested I try an excercise on prescription programme, I have very low income, so can't afford to join a gym, so this is for 12 weeks free at a private gym place, I rang the man today and I have a consultation on wednesday at 11...I'm now scared lol I have no idea what to expect....is he gonna weigh and measure me? Is he gonna make me run etc or is this just a talking thing??? Confused lol Anybody else done this?? :)
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I havent done a referral from a doctor but recently there was a sponsor slim-a-thon in the local paper and part of it was that you got local gym membership for a 1/3 of the price so i signed up, was that nervous the day i went for my consultation my palms was all sweaty and i felt sick.
I was amazed at how nice the people was, the gym instructor got me to use the machines while he watched and advised me of speed, settings etc and then did me a personal fitness plan based on what he had seen. It was great, private swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc
Ive not done it on presciption so im not 100% sure its the same but i have just had my induction for a gym in town :)

When i got there we went into an office and did a little questionaire, just basic questions like why i want to join (weight loss, fitness, toning etc) then she took me around all the machines and showed me how they worked, spent between 30/60 secs on each, then she showed me how to use the balance balls and weights and the resistance machines. She did them firs then i did afterwards. She made a plan for me with what she saw, ie. what machines to use, what program to have them on and how long for....and also the weights how many reps and what weight to use.

It was really good and no where near as scary as i thought. She also weighed and did my measurements (in private)

I absolutely loved it tongiht and cant wait for my next session :) (im not exactly little either)
Well no exercise was involved today lol We sat in a little room and made sure my details were correct and we discussed what probems I have with my body, like my bad knees, which could restrict me on certain things. He explained that it's a 24 week programme, the first 12 weeks are free, the next 12, they do expect you to pay but I get it half price. He showed me the gym, it looks small but they've fit alot in it! lol There were just OAP's in there when I went in lol I get on better with older people so that's a plus lol I have another appointment next wednesday, which I get to go on some equipment and work out what's best for me, how often I should go etc looking forward to it now actually, wish I could start sooner! Get me in that gym!!! lol :D
If you don't mind me asking, did you go to your doctor about your weight to ask for the referral program, or did you go about a medical problem and it was prescribed?

I'm just wondering if it's worth asking my GP about it. :)
If you don't mind me asking, did you go to your doctor about your weight to ask for the referral program, or did you go about a medical problem and it was prescribed?

I'm just wondering if it's worth asking my GP about it. :)
My dietition suggested it to me as I told her the dr had said to go swimming 4x a week but I couldn't afford it, so she put me forward for it :) the dr can refer you to though :) no harm in asking :)


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Im also doing a referral gym programme, just into my 2nd week and I love it. I also have a cross trainer and a Marcy dual stack weight system in our garage and the days I'm not in the gym I go in the garage instead.
I got my referral because I have arthritis and was really bad back in April but have been on a new injection since the end of May and it's amazing.

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My second appointment was today! Omg! I'm shattered! lol I was there an hour, the trainer got me on all the machines! Started on the treadmill, then the bike (which is sooo evil by the way lol) then all these other fancy twisty, pully, pushy machines lol the bike was definatly the hardest, it changed from going uphill to normal to uphill again, never realised 5 minutes was soo long!! lol He's wrote down everything I did, so I'll remember when I go back, he reccomended I go the gym 3x a week and swimming 2x a week. I have a feeling this weight is gonna come off now! Never sweated so much in my life! LOL :D
I think it's a brilliant idea-some PCTs do slimming classes on prescription too. Far, far better than handing out Orlistat or referring you for surgery IMO (no disrespect to those using these methods, I just hold the opinion that most weight problems are lifestyle rather than medical problems, so it's far better to go down the lifestyle route.)
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