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You should start off small then build it up but I would advise that you do a more rounded workout. Do, for example, 10 mins each on treadmill, rower, cross trainer, bike etc and do some resistence as well as cardio. Speak to someone at your gym and ask them to do a personal programme for you
well in order for your body to loose weight at a good rate, it needs to be fiting. i.e. you need to be struggleing and really sweting.

what i would do (and i am doing this in my life) is focus mainly on the tredmill. by all means do the other exercises for other areas, but treadmill is the one. you should record what speeds you run, and how long you run that speed for. and gradually increase it as you get fitter.

but you should aim to work hard and really be sweting, thats how you know your making progress.

i dont use tredmil, i use the world outside for my running. ive invented this imaginery lap, and in the first day i was able to jog around that lap once before problems occured. now i can run at a decent pace twice around the lap before i get tired. and now im gonna make sure i do 5 of those laps per day. in order to progress i must make it harder on my self.
I agree with konvictz and also running outside its better then the treadmill and you wont damage your self as much.

I hope i'm not breaking any rules but this is a great website for working out routes for jogging/running/biking.


As far as I'm aware it works for all locations in the world or where google maps have a map to look from so 99.9%.

Once you have your first route worked out you can time your self and once you can run the whole route within a reasonable time, its time to add abit more distance and repeat the method on and on.

Hope this helps



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Maybe aim to get to the gym twice a week for now, I know when I've said I'll go five times, if I miss one trip I just go "oh well I've ruined it now!" and don't go for two weeks!
running is suposed to be the best but i get weezy so i cant do it for long, when i go to the gym I go 3 times a week, i usually burn 500 calories or a bit more although this does help me tone up but not really loose the weight, thats where eating healthily comes in I guess.
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im gonna join the gym for one month, to kick start my training again. but i will just use the tredmill, and the weights mainly.

i dont think joining the gym is the answer to a healthy lifestyle for everyone. i found that most people eventually just stop going gym after a while, no matter how determined they seemed at first. i think whats needed is a simple exercise routine which can be done in the house.

an oh by the way i heard something quite intresting quite recently. my friend told me that if you run at high intensity for a shorter time, you eventually burn more calories. because in slow long runs you only burn fat while your running, but if you high intensity, you continue to burn fat way long after the exercise. i dont know if its true or not, but either way im trying to run as much as i can at high intensity.

maybe i will reserch on ricky hatton. he seems to be able to loose weight so quickly before his fights. and he eats fry ups every day.
thanks taz,

yeah I know what you mean about stopping , I've been on and off going to gym and diet nearly a year now ive been a bit of a yo yoer :p, I'm hoping it will last this time, I've been going to the gym since january, it should continue that is if work doesnt get in the way because I will be starting work soon.

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