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Excess Skin

I am no expert in this area but I would imagine it depends on how big you are and how old you are. The older you get the more the skin loses its elastisity (excuse the spelling) and as for how big you are, the bigger you are the more skin you will have that cannot go back to normal.

If you are still young and not so big then all should be ok but exersising helps.
Thanks for your reply, that makes a lot of sense. im 27 with about 7 stone to lose (currently 17 stone) - ouch
Hi, you should be fine then, you might have a bit of excess skin but nothing major I would have thought, but again I am no expert.

Have you done a diet like this before?
I'm 27 lost around 4 stone so far and i hae no sagging skin at all phew !! ( must admit boobs have lost the fullness but i dont mind that),
the only exercise i did was walking walking and more walking, also i did do 100-200 sit ups really need to start those again, so not sure if it helped or i am lucky or just young enough for it to bounce back,

don't let it worry you too much x
good luck with your journey
S x
I hate to say it but I'm 21 years old and half gone from 19 stone to just under 11 and a half and have noticed sagging skin :(

BUT think about how long it's taken to put all the weight on and then for it all to come off again, it's going to take that long again for skin to go back to normal... plus, I think it's better to just have a healthy weight and a slimmer figure with saggy skin, rather than be overweight :)
I dont know what i think on that. Im losing weight for health reasons.....i am happy with the way i look naked, i wear nice clothes....but being morbidly bese isnt healthy and i now have a 2 yr old to think about. I reckoned id be happier as i am, than be thin but with saggy skin. I exercise a lot just now, and i hope that works for me....cos if not i could be less happy after the weight is gone than i am now xx


reaching my goal
Some people are lucky and bounce back into shape and some eople aret so lucky just focus on loseing weight and toneing when you have lost the weight and you do have saggy skin then talk to your doctor im sure they can help you but done let it get you down x
Oh yes I agree, I didn't mean being slim at the expense of being unhappy with your body, but I mean being a healthy weight with saggy skin is better than being overweight with unsaggy skin but potential health problems, that's what I meant :)
Try some Bio Oil. It's brilliant. My friend used it through her pregnancy and didn't get any stretch marks which is probably a much more rapid gain and loss than any diet. I use it too now and it has massively increased the elasticity of my skin and improved the appearance of the stretch marks I did have from gaining the weight.

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