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Excess skin


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I'd be really interested to hear thoughts too - I am really concerned about loose skin. I suspect that my skin won't go back at all (I've been fat for so long, there is no way my skin can have retained enough elasticity).

Hev x


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As you can see from the stretch mark thread that FT has posted it has alot to do with age and genetics.

I'm 36, have been big for most of my adult life and have now lost 60lbs (74lbs from my heaviest last year) and tbh its not too bad. My problem area's are the insides of the very tops of my thigh's and I have a bit of loose skin there and my stomach but after 2 c-sections my stomach was never gonna be great anyway!

I have used a body butter / lotion daily all over without fail which I am pretty sure has helped and now I am on RTM I am at the gym 3 times a week and again that is definitely helping and certainly the tops of my thighs are improving.

My thoughts are that you can't abuse / stretch your skin for so long and then expect it to ping back beautifully, doesn't mean I am happy with it tho and depending on what its looking like in a year or so (it can take that long to shrink back) then I may consider surgery (tummy tuck)but that's a very personal decision and each to their own!

I actually had a massage yesterday at a Clarins salon (pure bliss) and the lady doing it advised that massages definitely help and then as usual I was suckered into buying one of their body products, a sculpting moisturising cream (which looks and smells gorg) so will see what effect that has!

Don't spend too much time worrying about it now as there just is no telling what it will be like towards the end just do what you can such as the daily moisturising and as you need to stay away from cardio excercise at the mo if you are on abstinence then try some gentle toning excercises or something like water aerobics ... it all helps!


Thankyou foxtrot, that was an informative read :)

Also thankyou Susianna.

It seems madness that we're so conscious of our weight, so we lose it all and then replace that with being conscious of the loose skin and stretch marks :sigh:

Oh well, I have a longggg way to go before I can worry about that yet, but its nice to know what lays ahead :)


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S: 15st1lb C: 14st5.8lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st9.2lb(4.36%)
But your journey has started and it's a little less than it was last week.

I can see you do have a way to go so another thing you can do is read Slenda Blenda and Blonde Logic's journeys. Two stunning people who have achieved what you will do.
Hi lisa

Thanks Foxy. You are too kind.
Yeah, i've got floppy arms and a bit of a scraggy neck, but it's a whole lot better than I used to look when I was about 12 stone heavier. It's easy to cover with clothes and actually looks much better than a morbidly obese body that was stretched almost to bursting!
I feel FANTASTIC. I am also about to get a letter from work congratulating me on not having a day off sick in the last year. The previous year I had a total of almost 3 months off sick with bronchitis, pneumonia, chest infections one after the other. My immunity was low,I had no energy. i was fed up , unhappy, unhealthy and probably a real pain to live with. I was definitely quite stroppy and sarcastic - now I have so much more energy and I can wear attractive colourful size 8-10 clothes and I'm a Saint !!!
Seriously though, losing the weight has transformed my life. A little bit of loose skin is a small price to pay IMO.Focus on the positives. There are so many of them.
Good luck to you. xxx

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