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Excessive weigh ins

How many of you are good & only weigh in once a week, I have always been an obsessive weigher when I am trying to lose weight to the extent my hubby has been known to lock the scales in the boot of the car.... I managed 72 hours but got on this morning, day 3 & it reckons I have lost 1.2kg which is nearly 2.5lbs, I really can't see it & then if I get on in a couple of days & it isn't that good I will be a grump.... Think its time for those scales to be locked away again.. :wave_cry:
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Prome to weighing myself daily altjo i only record it on a

Wish i hadnt today as im 1lb more than i
Was on weds last week grrrr


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I stick to once a week, otherwise I will drive myself barmy. Ask your OH to hide the scales and only let you have them once a week lol.
My hubby is also on a siet n likes the scales where he can find them

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Scale hopping will do you no good. Your weight changes by day to day even hourly hourly in some people, water changes, the environment, hormone levels, exercise, muscles amongst other things play a part in your weight.

Your most accurate weight is either once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month, but just once, that is the weight to record and go by. When you weigh it's important that you use the same set of scales, you weight at roughly the same time and in the same place and with roughly the same clothes on or something of equal weight.

Using a Boots machine is a good idea, as you can go once a week, and get a ticket and keep it :)
Great advise! :0)
But still feel the desire to WI each morning before breakfast! Feel like I forgot something if I do not lol


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There is the emotional trauma that comes from constant weighing though, it's a lot to deal with.
I only weigh once a week, on a Sunday. I used to be a daily weigher, but I think it was because I was always going off the rails, or just pushing the boundaries of whatever diet I was doing.
I couldn't resist jumping on the scales all the time to see if I'd got away with whatever I'd been having, or whether I needed to pull myself back in line before the next weigh-in day.

Now I'm doing Exante, I know that I'm going to lose at least some weight every week (as long as I stick to it 100%), and if I don't, it's because of hormones or some other factor, so I don't feel the need to keep jumping on and off every day.


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Maybe you should just start to wean yourself from the scales, weigh once or twice and no more, then get it down to once a week if you started with twice ;)
The idea is a good one! :0)) has loads of merit and thought behind it! I am sure u are right that WI everyday makes you crazy...

BUT...Sorry am going to continue WI every morning.. When am dieting.. Keeps me focused!
Helps me not eat my OH cooked breakfast.. As I WI after he has left for the day - eating and then WI doesn't work.. Lol
When not trying to lose weight I don't weigh myself at all!!!! I really have no desire to know what I weigh- ostrich syndrome LoL


Violet is shrinking
Yep...sugar is a dieters crack!!....suagr is the devil and will lead you on a downward spiral ;)

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