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  1. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    So everyone,

    I'm embarking on my huuuuuge journey on Tuesday (4th March). I think I'm prepared - I have the shakes, the breath spray and the aloe vera colon cleanser. Oh and I even have migraine tablets. Anything else anyone can think of!?

    Now, I know I'm supposed to tone down on the eating but I've done what my consultant said I probably would, which is eat everything in sight! So I assume this means I'm going to make things a million times harder in the first week. I start on Tuesday and this is last chance for me if I want to lose weight for my wedding in July. I'd love it if someone else was taking a similar sort of journey in a similar sort of time. But also any help at all, tips or encouragement will be great for me. I'm 5 foot and weight 14.4 so I want to lose a minimum of 3 stone for June. Achievable?

    I really need to do it and I HAVE to go for it, no shake one day then crack the next.

    Grrrrrrrrr let me at it!
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  3. staceyxx04

    staceyxx04 Full Member

    Hiya! Good luck for tomorrow :) Just a quick question - where did you learn about the Aloe Vera colon cleanser? I haven't heard that mentioned before but if it doesn't affect weight loss I'm interested! x
  4. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    My consultant told me about it so I didn't realise it wasn't common knowledge. I'm only on day one today so I can't tell you how effective it is yet but I've placed the bottle and a glass of water next to my bed and I just take a sip before bed and it's only a little tablet so easy to swallow.

    Can anyone tell my what the rice pudding is supposed to be like? As in is it worth getting? :)
  5. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    I really like the rice pudding. It's a little fiddly to make (add water mix and wait 10 mins then microwave stir and microwave again). But I use the time it's sitting there to have another glass of water.
  6. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Laurajessie I'm about your height and have dropped two stone and have one more to go. I think three stone between now and your wedding is perfectly doable. Just stick with it. The first week is hardest the it gets easier. Any events you have (like hen dos) need to be thought about too. I mean that I have managed a couple of weddings and Christmas without gaining but not loosing as much as I would on 'normal' weeks the trick is not to get disheartened if you don't lose loads every week! A loss is a loss. Good luck hope it's going well today.
  7. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    Hi, can you tell me what the Aloe Vera colon cleanser does? Is it just like a laxative for constipation relief?
  8. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    I think it keeps everything ticking over and then there shouldn't be any constipation. I will let you know once I have been taking them for longer to find out.

    First day done today and all Ok so very happy. Dreading the 2nd & 3rd day blues I've read about though!

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