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Excited about doing SW again..

I've been posting on here all evening, it's nice to be back :) I used to go to classes 2 years ago and got down to my lowest weight of 9st 3lbs..then I don't know what happened! I have been hovering at 10st 7lbs for ages now and I just find the extra weight annoying, it might not be that much but it feels like it is...i'd like to get to target and stay there this time..so one and a half stone to go!

Been doing it alone today and yesterday, going to join a group soon, was going to go tonight but it is tipping down with rain outside and dark and cold, rubbish excuse I know! I used to go with my mum but she eats erratically and used to always moan that the diet didn't work, which was a bit embarrassing!

Anyway this is my favourite slimming site and I have already written down loads of syn values i'd forgotten, glad to be back! :D
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I ate my willpower!
:welcome: back. You will be at target in no time!
I am waiting to join a class on thursday as its the nearest to me and cant wait to get going too.
Good luck with your weight loss
Thanks everyone! That's why I like this board, everyone's so helpful and supportive :D

I tried Atkins a few weeks ago and I just couldn't get my head around it - it just didn't make sense to be frying bacon in butter and having double cream in my tea! :eek:

I know from the past that this can work for me if I follow it properly, so i'm going to do it, and stick at it! (the best incentive ever is all the masses of too-small clothes I have packed away, it will be like getting a whole new wardrobe for free!)

The question is, do I go back to my old group and hang my head in shame or join a new one? There are 2 on thursdays...
good question..i started a new class the beginning of this year,its a great class new faces,new ideas,i found that i was stuck in a rut at my old class,i went 2 my old class 2nite and its still the same old people,with the same old excuses,not v inspiring,didnt stay 2 class and just went through the motions,but now im at my new class i enjoy it and stay 2 class all the time..so what im trying to say a change is as good as a rest..give it a go
That makes a lot of sense, thanks, will give the new one a go, just realised it's tomorrow not thursday! It's just up the road from my work, wonder if anyone from work will be there!


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Wouldnt be a bad thing if they were hun, might mean you had someone you knew to go with and you could buddy up. I am sure you will do really well and be back at target real soon xx
Thank you, i'm going to that class tonight i've decided. (Leaving in 15 mins!) Looking forward to getting all my new books etc, and starting again 'officially' :D Just doesn't feel the same going it alone!
Well I went and joined again :D I weighed in heavier than I thought, 5 lbs more, but nevermind, it was good to be back in a group and now i'm all set, went to Tesco's and spent £50 on storecupboard ingredients, yoghurts etc!

I'm glad I can access the syns calculator too now, will be a big help!

My mini goal is to lose 6lbs by christmas :D
Yep, the one near my work. There were 2 girls I went to school with there (9 years ago), will talk to them next time, it was a bit quiet there tonight as loads of them had gone late night shopping!

I'm sooo glad this consultant didn't make me tell everyone about myself, the last one did!

edit: updated my ticker!
Hey hun, i'm Brittany. Welcome back.

I'm glad the new class worked out ok for you and now you're all stocked up and can hit the ground running.
Just shout if you need anything!

Best of luck and lots of love xxx

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