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Excited as hell!:)


Trying to stay positive..
I am switching to the 1000kcal plan tomorrow (I am starting the weight stabilisation process) and I am excited as hell!:) Not only will I be able to eat potatoes and bread, but I also just realized that I'll be able to drink Coke Zero! I honestly think I am gonna cry:D I am one happy bunny:p
I went to Morrisons today and bought all the goodies, including prawns:-] but to be honest, when i looked through the booklet, the 1000 calorie step is really confusing, so i was wondering if someone on here could tell me if my plan for tomorrow sounds good:

1. Porridge
2. Granary bread with low fat Philadelphia cheese and egg
3. Apple
4. CD Shake
5. Basmati rice with prawns (btw- are prawns allowed on 1000kcal plan? or can i only eat them while on 1200kcal?)
If no prawns, then: potatoes with quorn and salad.

Does that sound ok???
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Taking one day at a time.
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Well done you! That is a fantastic achievement. Menu looks good for tomorrow, but I'm afraid I am not an expert. Just wanted to say well done, as there's nothing worse than getting no replies!! I'm sure there'll be a counsellor out there who knows.... It looks fairly low GI, apart from the apple which may make you feel v hungry....lots of water will help. xx


Trying to stay positive..
well, i already made my food for tomorrow. i cut up an apple, boiled an egg and prepared a piece of toast with some philadelphia and cucumber:) i was so excited i couldn't wait till tomorrow to prepare it:p
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Well done to you for geting to this stage please, please, please write a post tomorrow evening descriing every mouthful in great detail OMG my mouth is watering now (I am only on week3 of ss how sad am I) lol!

Happy Eating xx


Trying to stay positive..
Well done to you for geting to this stage please, please, please write a post tomorrow evening descriing every mouthful in great detail OMG my mouth is watering now (I am only on week3 of ss how sad am I) lol!

Happy Eating xx
thank you, i shall definitely do that:D i waited 7 months for that day and it finally came:D
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Congratulations, that food looks lovely, 810 has become boring now after 16 weeks :( so looking forward to some potatoes and fruit, i'm going onto it on the 22nd although will still want to lose another 2 stone ish and have to say i'm very exited although the idea of not being in ketosis is a little worrying though. :)
Post up how you get on, i'm curious to see how it is being out of ketosis after so long.:)
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I'm with you hun, i started 1000 on sunday after cdc advised me to until after xmas and its fab! Day 2 today and still in ketosis?? Despite having shredded wheat for brekkie and new potatos with my dinner (which were as good, no were better than i remembered) also had an apple which was gorgeous. I've found a new appreciation for food i used to bypass to get to the biscuits lol!

The only thing i don't like is the choice, i really enjoyed not having to think about food while on SS but i had to face it some time and my cdc thought it would do me good to get back in touch with making the correct choices for a while rather than relying on the safety of SS.

So here i am! Life is goooodlolol

S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Lucky you! I couldn't imagine eating an apple. Really missed fruit. Looking forward to when I can work up the plans and eat real food again. Hopefully not too long now (Feb) as I am more than half way. Enjoy!
S: 18st2lb C: 12st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 5st5lb(29.53%)
The way you are going mrs, you will be there in Jan! I'm not on stabilisation yet but it is nice to have a break from SS. I'm happy to lost the last stone and a half a little more gradually (well for now anyway)

Ismirka- you look fantastic well done!

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Well done, I am a CD newbie, so I don't know about the stabilisation process. I just wanted to congratulate you for your amazing achievement, you look fantastic. I hope that will be me in 7 months time.

Your diet plan seems yummy!!!!!! Bring on next summer.

I was looking at some of my old bikinis last night from about 2002. I know they seem old, but I am going to wear them next summer. I can't believe I used to be a Burberry size small. They look so tiny, they are not the plaid ones, they are the bond girl style bottoms with a built-in belt and halter neck top (I don't care they are old & probably dated I can't wait to wear them again - i have the same style in 4 colours: white, black, navy & olive)
hi - just wanted to say well done and enjoy it and don't frget to keep us updated as to losses!
Wow, that is so great, you must be so chuffed with yourself as it makes it all worth while. Good luck and let us know how you get on xx
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All sounds lovely - hope you had a great day and enjoyed every mouthful.


Trying to stay positive..
i feel like i died and went to heaven:D the food is delicious, i ate a slice of granary bread today with egg and low fat philadelphia, 2 apples, cd porridge and am now gonna eat ong choi (south east asian water spinach thingie) with cottage cheese and potatoes:-]
food is awesome!:p


Fat Fighter
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Izmirka, lucky girl. Funny thing with this diet is it makes you appreciate good food. I do not find myself wanting to have chocolate or crisps when my housemates are eating that, but when they eat fruits especially satsumas am so tempted to have a slice ... *sigh* ... Long journey ahead.

I hope you don't mind me asking but how much do you weigh now and how long did it take you? You've done really well.


Trying to stay positive..
i weigh *cough* 66kg now (it's 10.4st). On my CDC scales I always weigh around 3-4 pounds more though, because obviously i'm wearing clothes and am after a meal:)
I used to weigh 111kg. It took me 7 months to lose the weight.


Trying to stay positive..
btw- apples are so delicious!!!
OH! and I finally had Coke Zero! My work colleague was laughing at me today because i looked like i'm gonna have an orgasm while drinking it:D

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