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hiya and welcome to lt my only piece of advise if you can between now and your 1st shake reduce your intake of carbs this will help you go into ketosis quicker

All the best theres plenty of advice on here


I will be skinny again!!!

No your not weird, I was excited too lol!!!

Good luck chick!


I will be skinny again!!!
you will be fine... Coming on here helped me.. the time flew by!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
haha you aint weird! i was excited too!!! :D
and yes have to agree with chell - coming on here helps lots :D
Lol your not weird!
Tips..buy yourself some asprin, a one litre bottle and some mouthwash. Then your all good to go!


Slowly but surely!
Hi I start tomorrow and im excited too, worried about the first week or so but excited all the same, good luck x


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To the new starters, I'm sure you will both do great. Only tip I could suggest. Only get yourself 3 or 4 Flapjacks, I got 7 under the impression it'd be good to chew something everyday but I now dread having to have my flapjack but I have to have it or I'll end up with a back log of them and you're only meant to have 1 a day. :(
As part of the 3 a day...so youd have one shake, then a flapjack and then another shake later...or in whatever order you fancy.

But just a word of warning..they are VILE.
hi, the flapjacks are absolutely disgusting, stick with the shakes and soup and you wont go far wrong. if you really want to try them only get two, ill guarantee you will take the second one back.


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I was told you can't have the flapjcks in the first week anyway - so you get used to not eating/chewing.

You're not weird at all for being excited! Let that carry you through till you're in ketosis and therefore not hungry (3-4 days) and you'll be great! I was really excited (and also thought I was perhaps a little strange ;)) but that's a whole lot better than dreading it and therefore perhaps feeling deprived and jealous of everyone eating around you.

You are doing a fantastic thing for your body, your health, your confidence and your long term future - why should you not be excited???

Let us know how you get on!! xx
Thanks all!!! :)
My mum said to me before 'listen i mean it when u start this diet you best not start being horrible' as my mum knows from experience......clare hungry = clare moody so i think ill be spending my first week or so in my room haha
Good Luck Clare, you will be fine, just dirnk plenty of water. I would say the same as the others the flapjacks are not good. I have decided to give them a miss in future.
Come on here when you feel like you need to eat. It will take your mind off of it.And no sneaky weigh in or chelly will have a go at you. hehe.

haha ill try not do no sneaky weigh ins lol!!!
But will deffo be coming on here am already addicted to this site everyone seems so nice and i havent even started yet lol xx

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