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Excuse me while I have a tantrum!!!!


I worked my arse off this week....as good as gold and then some....... (rolling around on the floor kick my legs out!!!!)....5+ lts of water a day....gym....walking.....resisting temptation...(spitting my dummy out now!!!)..had a crap day at work today....out at a meeting with a crap client so no chance to drink or have a pack (purple in the face now!!!!)....just had my weigh in and lost....2lbs (WTF!)......WHERE'S MY 4LBS...(my 4lbs THE 4LBS I WANTED )
I know the routine...."its still a loss....better than staying the same...you're doing so well" .....BOLLOX!!!!! (toys flying all over the place)
(heavy breathing....chin quivering....mmmm might suck my thumb!!!)
Sorry....feel free to ignore me......until I grow up:eek:
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You just made me laugh so much. How do you know how I was feeling.

He He He


Powdered Toast Man
Calm down lol. a loss is still a loss, atleast you didnt put on :)
Maybe you drank too much water?


NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! I've been pishing like a racehorse..sh*ting like a cart horse...gyming like an athelete...and today, walking like I'm looking for bloody eden!!!!
(chin quivering...rejecting all common sense!!!)
Sorry....trying to get a grip.....
maybe it's the gym? maybe you're retaining some of that water cos your sweating away on the treadmill? Or maybe you're getting more muscle! weh-heh!

::ducks out of the way of flying toys::
If that's how you take a loss, hope you never stay the same. That one really hurts.
Ahem ahem ahem....... See the detail below..... You wanna talk about tantrums :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
I'm with you on this one! I have a pattern. And to put a cherry on the top I feel full of fluid and don't have TOTM. Go figure. So my weight loss will be pants this week. And I've walked miles etc. I can feel my teddy being chucked too.


Paranoia setting in!!!!

Did my cdc read the scales right?
Maybe I should have taken my watch and bracelet off (+knickers+bra+clothes...shaved my head?)?
Does anyone know if it's a full moon?

Yeah...up the revolution!!!....burn scales burn!!!
NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! I've been pishing like a racehorse..sh*ting like a cart horse...gyming like an athelete...and today, walking like I'm looking for bloody eden!!!!
(chin quivering...rejecting all common sense!!!)
Sorry....trying to get a grip.....
As you excercise hun you turn fat into muscle which has a greater mass then fat so that might be the case here especially if you have been gyming it all week
It is very disappointing BUT it does happen, some weeks I only lose 1lb and each week I do the same thing. The other week I had hysterics when I PUT ON 4lbs and haven't cheated once yet on the diet. I then dropped a couple of days later and then some more. I started LL some years ago - stuck faithfully to the diet for the first week and lost 1lb only whilst others roared in with 6/7/9 lb losses. The following week I lost 11lbs and they were all so jealous - nothing had changed between week one and two. The moral of the story is our bodies will adjust and change at different rates, keep the faith, sorry you had such a demanding week and your most amusing post for all the other bits, has made me roar with laughter as it probably has to others reading it, because you keep your sense of humour throughout and we all need to do that. By the way are you checking your measurements too because often you shrink one week and lose weight another or something like that. Love your sense of humour ...... keep smiling .... keep posting.
Maybe the tantrum will help you to lose weight .... if it does, please report back and we can all throw a hissy-fit next week.

I'm afraid I turned to food today - I wish I had thrown toys out of my pram instead :gen144:. CDC away for two weeks, so I have plenty of time to make amends (I hope).
I shouldn't laugh but boy has this thread made me chuckle!! Sorry your scales didn't give you what you deserved hun and thank you for being so honest and expressing what most of us feel when they don't play fair!!



TLLT...thanks for your post....infact thanks everyone:grouphugg:I am actually pretty chilled out (now!).....I think my tantrum was all roar with no substance! You know when you see a kiddie in the supermarket throwing a fit because they can't have something they want...they throw themselves to the floor, kicking and screaming till their parent walks away.....kiddie realises that they have no attention AND they are still not going to get what they want....they get up, calm down and move on!
As for laughing about things?....I think you have to, during my tantrum I was chucking my packs and bars into the cupboard...one of the bars bounced out and smaked me in the face....slapped some sense into me...and had me laughing like a crazy woman:crazy::crazy::crazy:
So...like the kiddie in the supermarket...picking myself up and moving on:p
Must remember not to get hung-up on the numbers, before CD I hadn't been weighed for many years as I would get upset. Body wise I am shrinking, I have more muscle defenition and strangely (in a good way!) my skin which was not looking good....has snapped back in the last week or so!!!
Love 'n' peace to all:):thankyou:
Oi Prettyfacebut, what are you playing at........2lb thats rubbish. Now make sure you up your water and do more at the gym - are you sure your trips are for a workout and not just to check out the men in lycra!!.

You can start by getting on the floor and really having a workout, oh you are doing that already.....well, start stomping a bit more, bringing those knees up to your chest as you go, stretch to the celing like you are pulling your hair out (or have you shaved that off already in preparation for next wi).

Now do you feel better? Hope so. x

PS. That was all a joke by the way, 2lb is great and dare i say it.......bag, sugar, of, 2lb....now go on pretend you are punching me in the face, really go for it. Stretch and punch, Stretch and punch,
Stretch and punch......... x x x

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