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  1. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

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    optimum nutrition and lots of exercise!
    I always wonder why some people dont try harder to lose weight (including myself) i sit around complaining about my weight, my tummy etc etc. but never get up off my fat arse and do anything about it!!

    i always think that if i cared enough i'd do something about it. it's taken me quite a while to realise that i DO care enough. and now's the time to start my new lifestyle.

    yet there's still more excuses that keep cropping up, even though i'm doing really well so far, and most of them are pretty laughable.

    the most recent is my clothes. some of my clothes i absolutely LOVE. and now i keep thinking that i'm going to be really gutted when i get to my target and they dont fit. why do i do this to myself?

    does anyone else have this problem - imposing silly obstacles to get around as to why they shouldnt lose the weight even though its making them miserable? i have no idea why i do it.

    any insight would be appreciated (or indeed any other silly excuses, so i know i'm not alone!!)
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  3. Georgiestar

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    oh dear ive been in the clothes situation but never actually threw them away because there only a size up but I just keep telling myself now that I'm going to buy a new wardrobe for summer, but there again ill probably buy a new wardrobe if I get below target or not! lol
  4. Patchninja

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    Just think about the NEW favourite clothes you'll have!
  5. Konvictz

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    No diet just running and weight training.
    yes cloths are quite an issue.

    all of my shirts/tops still fit, but there much more tighter now. but the worst part is the way it sits on my body, it dont look good. i normally buy size small cloths, but now the first time im having to buy medium.

    this might sound a bit wierd but i used to like wearing tighter trousers or jeans before. but now wow, when i wear them it feels so much tighter. you know exactly where your gaining weight by your cloths. for me its my upper ass and my stomach lol.
  6. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    WW Discover Plan
    I have a list on my wall of all the reasons why I want to lose weight and whenever I find myself questioning myself or inventing excuses I read my list. It sort of strengthens my resolve.
  7. Charisma

    Charisma Silver Member

    i never had that problem because i kinda grew out of all my clothes so now im tryin to shrink back down to fit into them. but it was when i realised somethin that i started to stop moaning and got some motivation.... the only person your affecting is yourself, if you decide to give up or pig out when you think noone is looking your only letting yourself down! when i go through the cupboards looking for somethin to pig out on i just think of how great ill look when i lost the weight and it makes me put it down and grab a bit of fruit.

    although this is easier said than done cause i am going through a bit of a strict healthy eating phase lol
  8. assj

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    Healthy lifestyle
    well all of my clothes look like a bag of rags (or so my partner keeps telling me) lol so i dont have that problem i cant wait to get out and buy new ones. I do find myself complaining all the time though and not really doing anything about it until now. silly really, if i hadnt adapted the stupid eating for two myth when i was pregnant i wouldnt be in this situation, i wouldnt make that mistake again lol
  9. BrownEyedGirl87

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    Just good old healthy eating!
    "I've got too much Uni work to start dieting properly- I'll start properly in a few months when its done"

    Yes and then it'll be too late and I'll be overweight on my holiday and I'll be kicking myself! I just need to fit exercise in where I can.... rather that sit and watch TV for an hour I could be going for a run but for some reason I always say I can't fit exercise in. I could even be doing it now!
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