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Exercise and obesity

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I have been cutting down on fat since April and have lost 55lbs so far, I also take xenical, recently I joined the gym and I have been going regular but my weight is not shifting, I need some guidance.
At the gym I do 10-15 bike at varied hill climbs
30 mins treadmill, not running just fast walking then slower walking up hill.
Various weights for toning.
I can only manage 2 minutes on the cross trainer and it hurts my knee but I do give it a go everytime I am at the gym.
I have been doing this for the last 5 days everyday, should I have a rest day or should I push myself harder? I am a bit lost as the weight is not shifting and I am doing all this hard work. :confused:
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Hi elliebird,

Well done on the weight lost so far, thats incredible.

It seems that the main problem may be that you are not progressing your workouts. If you repeat the same exercise at the same intensity and duration you'll burn less calories as your body gets fitter and doesnt need to exert any more energy.

Keep your program simple and stick with at least 3 different exercises which you will keep track of each workout.

For example, if you do 20 minutes on the cross trainer at Level 1, you need to progress this exercise once your body gets comfortable doing it. So on the following workout you could increase it to 25 minutes at Level 1.

The following workout increase it to 30 minutes on Level 1.

For the workout after that you could drop back to 20 minutes but increase the resistance to Level 2, and repeat the process.

This simple method is whats missing in most people's fitness regimes, and could very likely be stalling your weight loss efforts. But, if you keep making your body a little fitter each time, making it go that little further, I guarantee you will keep burning fat as your body wont have a chance to get comfortable.

Hope this helps, good luck!

I have also just started at a gym, been 5 times also. Although I do agree with Justin about variety and keeping yourself at a level just beyond comfort. I would however suggest giving yourself a little more time...weigh yourself in a couple weeks perhaps.
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it probably because your probably building muscle hun.
when i started the gym the trainer told me not to be surprised if i gain weight at first.
muscle weighs more than fat.
i bet you're losing inches :D
p.s- 30 mins on the treadmill... i salute you! i'm only doing 10 (quite a brisk walk though) and that seems to drag on forever!
AviX makesa great point about not weighing so often.

Because your weight can fluctuate by a few pounds every day due to water, undigested food and other things, weighing every couple of weeks and looking at the overall pattern of weight loss is a better idea.

Dont get hung up on weight going up and down each day, but it should be steadily declining over the weeks.
Uh huh, everyone's right. Weight gain can be due to an increase in muscle mass, as muscle weighs more than fat. Just because you weigh more does not mean you have not lost inches.

Justin again I have to agree with again...fluctuations are normal. The other when I weighed myself I was shocked...I thought I had put 3 pounds on..when I had been working so hard, then I realised I I had my wallet, phone and keys on me..took them off and I was soooo relieved..haha


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a bit of variety is needed, me not willing to drop 2 of my classes has added a new one to it, as my weight loss has stopped...


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Have you tried varying the speed on the treadmill? One that worked for me was to find a comfortable pace that I could maintain for a while. Then every 30 secs (or every minute) increase the pace by one level (or half a level) until I got to the fastest I could go. I then ran that for as long as I could (even if it's only 20 seconds) before going back to the comfortable level and starting to work my way back up. :)
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You should also be adding some weight training to your work out to build muscle. Also what are you eating before and after?


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You will be retaining water in your big muscle groups. After a few weeks you will see the weght start to shift again. In the meantime, ignore the scales, (changes are happening) and get your tape measure out. You will be surprised how you will be dropping inches!

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