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Exercise burning fat or calories?

I've been going to exercise classes 3 times a week recently and to keep myself motivated bought a heart rate monitor that tells you calories and fat burnt.

Some classes my heart rate is lower but while I burn less calories I burn more fat.

High intensity ones burn more calories but much less fat.

I'd like to help towards my loosing but not sure which is better!
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Depends on the heart rate I believe.

At my gym (well, the one I use - I don't own it) some of the machines show you various heart/pulse rates, so for example you can match your heart rate for fitness, aerobic workout, or weightloss by setting a certain pace.

I can't recall which is which, but I'm sure someone will be along to advice/confirm.
Go for the most calories burned! That's the most important thing for weightloss - it doesn't matter whether your body is taking the fuel from carbs or from fat. (If your body uses up its carb stores during exercise, that means that after exercise it'll take its energy from your fat stores - so it doesn't really matter which fuel your body is burning at any one time, if you see what I mean!)
Are better for your heart / lungs etc. But the other one helps burn fat . If you know what I mean?! , prob best to do a quick search on the net there's lots of info on it x
I believe you burn more fat by lifting weights rather than doing cardio, but I think if you balance the two & do some of both you should be able to achieve the fat burn whilst keeping your heart healthy
I was doing it for fitness so think I'll keep up with the higher intensity cardio.
Thanks for the responses though, had been annoyed that it has made absolutely no difference to my weight loss.


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I don't really understand how I don't lose any weight whilst exercising, yet as soon as I miss a week I lose! My diet doesn't change at all!


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Your muscles build up with fluid, which is why some people can gain a few lbs when they start exercising, and when you stop fluid is released. I lost 4lb when I stopped exercising prior to going on my hols and trying to keep my WI at bottom of target range. You also tend to drink more fluids when you work out so you might have more water retention. I am a firm believer that diet is where weight loss will be achieved and use exercise for toning, stamina etc, altho exercising will help weight loss but it can increase your appetite which my balance things out.
Strange your not losing tho

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