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Exercise didn't go too well....


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Hello everyone!

I have been reading all your posts for the last three weeks, since I started CD and have finally registered!

I have lost 10lbs in two weeks and have my third WI tomorrow. Things are going well, not hungry at all which is great.

With today off I decided it might be a good idea to do a little exercise. So I had my morning shake, let it settle for a couple of hours and then went swimming.

I only did breast stroke, but got to 20 lengths and decided to do another 10. I have really missed exercising over the last few weeks and was pleasently surprized that I had the energy to keep going. I then stupidly went into the sauna for a few minutes, still feeling fine at this point.

All done I went for a shower, by the time I had put the shampoo in my hair I was too weak to hold myself up. I felt so sick, weak and began to have blurred vision. I called out "can someone help me please", the second time I shouted, someone came along.

It is all a bit of a blur from here, I had someone holding me up (with just a towel to the front of me), sat me on a stool and then there were three women trying to help me.

They gave me a sugary sports drink which I did think twice about drinking, but I felt so bad and couldn't even see, I had to take a few sips.

It worked amazingly fast and I could see again almost immediately. My energy slowly came back and I was able to wash my hair and get dressed.

I had to call home to get a lift home.

They told me the VLCD and dehydration were the problem, I guess I did push myself a little too hard for the first work out in some time.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I wouldn't recommed it, if anyone else is thinking about starting a little execise while on SS I strongly advise taking it very slowly, and drinking lots of water before and during.

Good luck to everyone, reading all your messages on here has really helped me get this far.
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They don't recommend that you do that amount of exercise while on SS, you are not taking in enough calories to sustain that sort of level of exercise. You should be thinking gentle exercise only, maybe a bit of toning up but certainly not to the levels you have pushed yourself to until you are doing 1000 calories at least xx


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the sauna probably wasn't the best idea, given you get very dehydrated, and CD already dehydrates you a bit anyway,.

Glad you are okay though


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yoyoem. I'm glad your feeling better. I know what you mean by feeling weak. I've forgot a shake on a walk that ended up being a couple of hours chasing kids on bikes. I got home and even though I had two shakes really quickly couldn't get my energy back all eve.
It's funny because you do feel full of energy after the first couple of weeks and you can easily forgot the energy is not backed up.
Well glad you are ok and take it easy for a couple of days.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys.
I've been chillin' on the sofa since I got home. Definitely wont be repeating today's activities for a while!!
30 lengths and a sauna was just stupid! My CDC said swimming was okay, but I guess I took it to the extremes.
I might try a pilates class in a couple more weeks, hopefully wont be too long until I hit the 11st mark and can start introducing food. :)


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Pleased to hear your okay now ... Sadly exercise is a no no which for most of us is fine lol !
i do 30-60 sit up's a day i get two 2 litre bottles of water and use them as weights for my arms and do 100 skips a day only every other day this i will up when my calories up exercising on such low calories won't help weight loss it could hinder it ... so i do the above just to help tone,
i am sure a little toning will be okay
hope you was'nt knocked out of ketosis or if so your back in it now



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I played 2 games of rugby and hit the weights in a week of SS and spent 3 days dying! NOT WORTH IT! At the time i was alittle tired, but it was after that it hit me, and it was worse than a hangover! NOw I am on 810 and I can excercise a little more, but no where near what I should be doing. Good job pre-season doesnt start for another month!

Glad ur feeling better, but just take it steady and drink plenty! x

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