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Exercise DVD recommendations


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I love all the Davina DVDs, especially the boxing and kicking options. I have been "doing a Davina" at least 3 times a week for the last month and it has really toned me up. I never get tired of them and as they are relatively short, they're so easy to fit into your day.

  • Body Buff is excellent - you choose the areas you want to work and select the sections on the DVD.
  • Of the "Three 30 minute workouts", I love "Cardio Box" and on Davina Fit the "Kick fit" and "top fit" sections.
  • I've just got the Super Body Workout, which are a bit longer at 40 minutes (50 if you ad the abs section) and love the kickboxing on that.
  • I've yet to unwrap my brand new copies of High Energy Five and Power of Three.
Gosh, I sound like I'm addicted - I suppose I am really :D. I did Gillian Michael's 30 day shred and every day was a chore - I had to push myself to do it (with great results, I have to add). With Davina it's more a question of deciding which one I'll do each day, rather than wondering if I can be bothered.


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HI Big Bear

Tried one of them up to now, to be honest prefer wii exercise (mainly because I can use the wii and with DVD have to get the OH to set it up for me!). But the one I did was really good.
fairy83 said:
30 day shred, not the diet part but the workouts the best part is that it's only 20minutes! So job done! Lol. It burns after, even the toilet squat hurts after!
Thanks, but I've been doing that for last couple months and am so bored of it now...agree it does hurt!!! X
B's lovely lady, have you tried Jillian's other DVDs? The Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism one and No More Trouble Zones are longer than the shred (about 40 mins) and very good.

I haven't really found any DVDs that compare to Jillian's, tbh. I like Rosemary Conley ones as well - they're very straightforward and easy to follow - but lower in intensity than Jillian.

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