Exercise DVD's

its that time of year again !!! can anyone recommend a really decent non cheesey exercise DVD by anyone that doesnt get on your nerves !!!???!!!

:) thanks !!! :)
Davina! Davina! Davina!

The least patronising DVD that I've come across :)
I love Davina Power of 3!!! Must root that out actually!!

I also have the Hollyoaks dance workout, which is fab, but I felt a bit silly doing it,.....then again, I was at least 15stone then...

I have the Hip Hop Dance Workout as well, wouldnt bother with that, and have the Claire Sweeney WW one but just the sound of her voice gets on my nerves!
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I should add that I've noticed different age groups seem to prefer different exercise DVD's. I think we often go for people that closer in age to ourselves.

I've heard that Jade is hilarious, but can't for the life of me work up the desire to buy her DVD :D
thanks guys...just put a bid on the Davina one on ebay !!! cant believe how many exercise DVDs are on sale now..its mad....might even have a laff at the jade one !!!
Janice Battersby!

Just bought the Vicky entwistle one, aka janice off Corrie! Looks quite chilled out, laid back approach..will let you know!
x better get my sports bra out and shut the curtains eh?:rolleyes:
Just started using the Gaynor Faye (from "fat friends" series) she also did the dancing on ice.
It is fab for those at ANY level.
It is simple and fun and as a non exercising person it has given me inspiration, especially as I do it with my neighbour for additional motivation.
There are so many of these out there I think there should be a way of seeing them first before buying?
i like charlie brooks one. janine off eastenders :)

five chapters with all different 10 minute routines so u can mix and match. kick boxing or pilates to name a couple. shes not annoying.

bought the claire sweeny one but aint done it yet. really want the davina one and a dance one.
Fitness Dvds

Hi all, :D

I have tried loads of exercise Dvds & sold quite a few on e-bay too.

I would have to say Davina's Dvd is fab for working up a sweat but quite hard in some parts.

I have tried geri's, claire sweeneys, jordans, cardio striptease, matt roberts, suzanne cox, charlie brooks, geena from corrie, jades, angela griffin, hip hop workout, bootylicious, ministry of sound, plus more I have probably done & forgot about

Charlie brooks is also quite good as you see her before and after which is a huge difference.

Suzanne cox (ex gladiator) is good too as she is a personal trainer so knows whats she is doing, she helps on Geena's workout.
I also like Geena's as its fun to do and easy to pick up.

I like angela griffins as you see her before & after & its a fun workout.

I am actually going to be listing some exercise Dvds on Ebay as soon as I sort them out. :D

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The only one I still own is Max and Paddys workout....... but I cant join in as im rolling round on the floor splitting my sides it is soooooo funny, when it gets to the toning session they use a product sold by ann summers as weights...nice purple and glittery......lmao
lol...any time i have tried to buy the max and paddy i cant get hold of it

was gonna buy it for my sis as she loves them

I'm a bit sad and rent exercise DVD's from Amazon. That way, they don't get stuck at the back of the cabinet gathering dust. I can try new and old ones. If I don't like them I can send them back and try another. If I do like them I can keep them until I'm fed up of them, then swap for another.

Not too sad though I also rent movies etc.

i dont think thats sad. i reckon its a good idea! space saving and adaptable. might give that a go! theres soooo many workout DVDs and i need variety but cant afford to buy ones i might hate!
Yes I agree the tai-bo Dvds are fantastic & really help you sweat even doing the 8 minute workout.
Just bought the Vicky entwistle one, aka janice off Corrie! Looks quite chilled out, laid back approach..will let you know!
x better get my sports bra out and shut the curtains eh?:rolleyes:

My friend who is on cd has this and she said its the best one she has got and it does the job, she said it was good and made her sweat....so her view is that its not chilled and laid back.
Yes I have a set of taebo ones somewhere they were fab but I hardly used them as I bought them just before I got pregnant (I think!). Must turn them out and give them a go.

I belong to a dvd rental I never thought about renting exercise dvd's great tip Wobbly. I'll go check out which ones they have now.

Dizzy x