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Exercise for Large Legs?

I am two sizes bigger on the bottom than my top, but didn't realise until I looked in a full length mirror this weekend how huge my legs are, especially my ankles and calves. I could not get boots done up from Evans which upset me no end.

So what exercise would help? I was a massive diet coke fan but have cut it out. it actually looks like I have old ladies legs (sorry not a good description I am sure but don't know how else to put it!) Could water retention be a factor do you think?

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Serena A

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Hi Nina
Sorry I'm not really sure about the water retention thing. Exercise-wise stay away from things like step classes as they will chunk your legs up. I have large thighs compared to the rest of me, I've lost around 2 1/2 stone in 9 weeks and in that time I have lost 10cm from the top of each thigh. I haven't been doing specific exercises to target them, just a mix of dance workout DVD, tae bo video (it's a bit like kick boxing) and some squats, 2-3 times a week. Hope this helps x


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Hi MrsT, i too am from the large leg brigade, the only advice I have to offer is that the weight is coming off very evenly - so my thighs are getting smaller...yay.. also I have taken up walking again - it really seems to burn off the fat without too much bulking up.

Sarah xx
Hiya..i have this problem too, have always had chunky calves so spoke to a personal trainer about it..apparently this is the hardest area to slim down!! The only thing she could advise me on is to avoid step machines, running and leg weights....she actually said that would bulk them more and the best thing to do is swim and walk but do not walk on a n incline as that uses your calves too!! I even looked into liposuction for the calves because they are so out of proportion but i think the pain would be awful, let alone the money!


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HI All - I have huge thighs ( compared to the rest of me) I have lost loads of inches everywhere except my thighs. I do use a lateral thigh thingy - could this be the reason why I am not losing the inchs?? seems hard to believe I thought that If I worked out this area it would burn fat there so would make my thighs thinner??

Please help
Sounds like walking may be the best thing to start with then? It is very flat around where I live but I am able to walk scenic routes so it shouldn't be too bad.

Thanks for the advice
Pretika, i'd say ditch the lateral thigh thing for now...without being rude all your doing with that is building muscle on top of fat, it's like people who do sit ups without doing cardio first. You need to burn the fat before you tone the muscle so yeah i'd do walking, running, swimming etc then just maybe do the lateral thing once a week. I'm no expert, i'm still trying to get to grips with my own weight but i used to be a bit of a gym addict and got a lot of advice from there.x


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S: 11st13lb C: 11st9.8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29 Loss: 0st3.2lb(1.92%)
Hi thanks. I use the lateral thigh on a cardio level - so I am going quite fast trying to burn the fat?? Honestly speaking I dont think that it is toning my legs yet as I dont feel the "pain" in my legs?

Should I still stop? Thanks for the advice

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