Exercise Goals


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I started this thread in TFR but as i'm having to refeed sooner that i thought I would like to carry it over to here.

I just thought it would be good to motivate each other to exercise as it's paramount to keeping the weight off.

Our goals are very important and I think the smaller they are the more significant they are.

I started doing 15mins walking a day, and have continued it. It feels like if i put it up here in the morning then I have to get it done.

I hope it helps others and maybe we can share some tips.
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Hi there and welcome!!:). Well done for all you've achieved.

I'm sure you'll get some responses from the exercisers around here. Tanya runs, Bev goes to badminton, others go to gyms and things and all find it very useful. I don't agree it's paramount though. Helpful perhaps but if it was paramount those people who are unable to exercise for various reasons would never be able to keep their weight off. In fact would probably never be inclined to try to lose it in the first place, when in many ways they need to more:eek:

Keep up the good work and enjoy your exercise :) x