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Exercise Ideas

S: 14st0lb C: 9st10.5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 4st3.5lb(30.36%)
My gym membership recently finished and I'm thinking of things that I can do at home, to improve fitness. As don't really have the money to renew my contract.

I have just found out that skipping rope is a great calorie burner. So as the weather seems to be alot better lately. I am gonna try to make the effort to get out the skipping rope for atleast 10 minutes a day to start with. Either in my conservatory or outside depending on weather ;)

Any other at home exercises anyone do, know about, that involves little or no money? and that are a good workout?

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S: 11st10lb
i was going to say invest in a wii fit board but it is expensive and if you dont have a wii or anything it would be a bit pricy but i do think they are good.. try silly little things like streches and stomach and leg exercises while your sat watching the telly.. i no its an old one but if you can be bothered every time there is an advert on telly run up an down the steps a few times instead of running to the fridge! well done on ur loss so far though you seem to be doing fine :)
try running. start of walking and try 1 minute walking and then 1 minute running and build up from there. It may sound not very achievable, but I started of not being able to run to to my car (about 100m), but now after building up slowly, I love running. I regulary go out for a 40 min jog. I'm not fast at all, but I love the freedom and it's great thinking time :)
G: 10st0lb
Press up-type-things on a chair are good for the old bingo-wings - sit on a firm chair, put your hands at either side of your bum on the edge of the seat, and bring yourself so that your back scrapes up and down the edge where your hands are - lift yourself up and down from here.

I'm sure there's a better way I could have described that, sorry lol!

Also planks are good for core strength to help tone up. Basically lie on your front resting on your elbows, position your feet so that you're on tip toes (if you know what I mean) and keep your stomach muscles tight, and your back in a straight line, and hold for as long as you can. Its mighty difficult (even though it sounds like you're just lying down) but works the muscles really well!
S: 11st10lb
the plank exercise is really good i didnt think of that,, it sounds like nothing but if you do it properly for about 30seconds you can really feel the effect its having!
I love walking! I try & walk as much as possible.

Then theres simple things, like not parking right outside the supermarket, all the little extra walks will soon build up. Running up & down stairs is a good one.

I also have a wii & agree that they can be really good - I have the personal trainer thats good. I guess the money saved from the gym could go towards one, that way you still get a "proper" work out maybe.

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