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Exercise ideas?

John F

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A lot of people are finding financial problems are on the rise at the moment, and so like myself, can't afford gym membership.

Do people have ideas for exercise plans which don't involve the gym?

I got a Wii-Fit for christmas, so that's one idea, but obviously can't apply to everyone.

I walk to and from work (about 10km a day) so that's a plus. (But the weather sucks right now.)

There are 6 flights of stairs in my building to get to my apartment, and no lift. But I was doing that climb every day regardless of the diet. Maybe take the stairs more often? Or taking the stairs at work?

Do non-gym people have any other suggestions?:sigh:
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walking, jogging, dancing!!
erm i can't think of what else to suggest as i don't know what you have, i don't like the gym so bought weights, resistance band, swiss ball, medicine ball, treadmill etc.

the above , apart from the treadmill are quite cheap, and good!!
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same boat, i cant really afford a gym membership at the mo. I have a bike and a stepper which I use. I also do alot of exercise vids which i find are really good. if you go on youtube there are so many different exercise vids you could do a different one each day.
the 8min exercises are fantastic!
and yeah, dance is also a good one and jogging! and i pretty much walk to everywhere
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hmm well i do go to the gym but i do other things aside from that

i have an active job for starters, then also take stairs rather than lift

also the best thing to get for home is a decent exercise tape, not one of these stupid celeb fad ones but a proper one. i have one thats ancient but it works really well
How about joining a film/dvd renting club? and renting some new fitness dvd's, if you're renting them it means you can try a new work out of every so often so you don't get bored.

Try finding some cheap exercise equipment on the net, I've bought quite a few things for a third of the retail price on UK Sports Imports.

Walking to and from work is great, but your body does get used to it, try working a different route, or going for another walk after your evening meal.

Hoola hoops and skipping ropes come in very useful for exercise, and if you do have kids, you won't look like an idiot using them! :D


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I'm a gym person, but you don't need a gym or equipment to get fit...try press ups, simple plyometrics (star jumps, running on the spot, jumping with outstretched arms, squat jumps, butt kicks), using stairs to bunny hop up and then walk down, running up and down the stairs instead of walking, sit ups, crunches, side bends, lunges, squats...all these and more can be done without weights...for core stability a gym ball is about £5 and soooo many exercises can be done with this cheap bit of equipment...google...also a skipping rope is cheap cardio...shadow boxing or getting a boxing set and punching a bag, etc is good cardio if speed is kept up and body weight used to propel the punches...

Stretches can be done. Calisthenics...pull ups on door frames when you are lighter and can hold up your own body weight (strengthens back, arms and shoulders). Running/jogging for short distances between walking increases the intensity...running...jogging...cycling (if you have a bike).
Hey John, i would highly recommend "My Fitness Coach" for the WII. It costs around £15 and you enter all your statistics and it sets up your own personal fitness programme. You have set days a week to do it, i have to do mine for 5 so far and i'm loving it! You take your measurements and have different focus' areas to work on,lower body,core,upper etc.For someone who used to hate exercise,i'm not doing too bad!! ;)
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I have started to cycle to work at first it was killing me but is now getting more comfortable just after a bit of info please does muscle weigh more than fat, how many weeks will it take to show on the scales


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Hi On the wii you can set up how much weight you want to lose in a set time, I done mine for 1st 8lb in 2 months then I joined cambridge diet set it on the 26 jan and now just 9lb away from goal. So maybe that would be and idea in the wii fit there are good games and keeps you motivated to try and beat your target. I bought the My fitness coach the other day going to set it up today so maybe you could do that one as well as use the plattform in maybe different days so you don't get bored with it. A complete gym in the privacy of your own home and best of all saves you hundreds if not thousands.
Good luck


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Same here, but to be honest ive been pretty lazy and havent been doing much exercise except walking my dog... But should be doing it alot more often!!

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