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exercise & ketosis


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Having been on LT previously i'm well aware of how much easier the diet is once you are in ketosis, i'm currently on day 3 and finding it much harder mentally this time. Last time i was on LT i had a full time job and found it very easy to keep occupied until i was in ketosis & therefore didnt want to eat. This time, having been made redundant, i'm at home all day making it much harder these 1st few days. I'm wondering if doing some exercise might get me into ketosis quicker as i would be using up my glycogen stores quicker? I'm aware that you should take it easy for the 1st week or so but it's pretty much mental torcher at the moment. Anyone else do exercise in the 1st week, if so how did you feel? Or any tips on keeping my mind occupied would be much appreciated. Sorry for ramble xx
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Positivity is the key
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Hi Pinkiepie,
Sorry you are feeling the struggle. I am a stay at home mom and to be honest my poor kids were ignored for the main part of the first week on LT, as I was on this forum night and day (don't even mention house work, once the school uniforms were clean, nothing else got done that first week). It kept me sane, away from the cupboard and they were happy as I wasn't giving them a hard time. I still cooked every day and met their needs but to keep focussed I needed this forum. When your typing you are not eating. I would look (and still do) at the before and after pictures, compare stats, read diaries, anything to keep me in that winning state of mind.
I did not and really still don't have the energy for exercise. It is not advisable in the first week and I think you should stick with that, although there is no harm in walking, once you don't feel weak.
I hope it passes soon and you know you will be in ketosis in no time. Stay strong, stay on and best of luck for the rest of the week.


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Thanks dorin, i think your aviator sums it up perfectly "
Positivity is the key", it's the reason i came straight back on this forum when i decided to go back onto LT, although i'm very embarrassed that i have got myself into this situation again i know that i wont be judged here. It's support & positivity that gets you through the tough times & thats exactly what you get here:grouphugg:


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  • Watch a DVD - a film or something that concentrates the mind more than just average Tv (especially daytime rubbish!!)
  • Go out for a walk
  • Go to the library and get a couple of books and a headstart on your summer reading :)
  • PLan some little mini goals and milestone treats for your weight loss journey
  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Sort out your wardrobe
  • Hunt out some music you've not listened to in years and have a boogie in the livinging room/kitchen/bedroom.wherever!
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Exercise wise i have done this all through even on the first day, which i know i shouldnt of done but felt ok doing so, id say its all down to personal preference and how you feel

To keep yourself busy id say lots of housework and coming on here truely helps too

best of luck


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Its competley up to you hun... Just take it easy xxxx


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Hey guys, just wanted to say that I have started LT 5 days ago, yesterday joined a gym - to be honest I can't do more than 20 minutes on the bikes before being tired. The staff there know I am on LT and are really helpful. The main thing I think is to know your limits and not try to do more than you feel comfortable with.


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Hiya, I got a book called Running Made Easy and is has a very gentle starting running programme. I started last night, with the view that if I found it was too tiring I would just walk the rest of the way, but managed it ok. Week 1 is warm up 5 mins (fast walk), legs stretches then run 1min / walk 3 and do this 4 times on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a 30 mins fast walk on Sunday. Days in between are rest days.

If you haven't ran before it is a great way to gently start and might be good with being on LT to build it up slowly. There are loads of running programs on line. So if you think of doing exercise running could be good and it's free. Good luck with what you decide.


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Hi Pinkie

Well done on getting to Day 3. Sorry to hear that you are finding it a bit of torture with not working. I must admit, I find it so much easier during the week when I am at work, as I am so busy.

Weekends are really busy for me, but I have two allotments which keep me on my toes, get me outside and help me with exercise, albiet not always strenuous. Depends what you like? What are your interests/hobbies. Me, being me, I would say get down to your local allotment and see if any old boy or girl wants some help! You would be surprised and you learn so much from these amazing people!!!! But that might just be a right turn off for you..haha..

I know like Doirin said, the first few days I would come on the forum as much as I could (whilst working), just to keep me motivated and positive.

I am more than sure you will do it again and you have a headstart in the fact you know exactly what to expect.

Keep posting and somehow keep yourself occupied, and if that means some exercise then I would go for it. Your body will tell you if you are knackered and to slow down.

Take care


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I have a newborn and find that very distracting! Not viable for most but last time I was on the diet I did exercise in the first week. I would say if you feel up to it then be gentle, drink plenty of water, and stop as soon as you feel tired. Your body is the best guide! xx

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