Exercise Motivation...


As the title says, i need ecercise motivation haha...
Since i started SW again i've also started up my dance exercise dvd, it's 50 minutes long and gets my heart going so it's good enough for me.
Been trying to do it regularly and have done it a few times this week and i know i should do it today but i'm finding it so hard to get off the sofa lol...

I've got my first WI tonight so am doing all i can for it lol. Also, i start my new job tomorrow and from next week i'll be trying to get up an hour early to do my exercise in the morning so that i feel all motivated and awake before work...

Currently i'm watching Trisha and in cyberspace so hopefully i'll get myself off the sofa after that haha but i need some motivation for it..

What do you do for exercise...?

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Where's Skinny Minnie?
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I've got 3 yoga dvds I use and I've just ordered 2 Ministry dvds (which should come tomorrow - yay!). Loved my old Pump it Up so these should be good.
Plus I have a rebounder and put on MTV to do that. All this makes me sound like a right gymbunny but in actual fact I end up doing one of these activities about once a week as I also have sofa addiction. :(
I'm going to start putting my exercise into my food diary thread so that I can shame myself into doing something.
BTW if you have satellite then the Body in Balance channel is great, they have belly dancing and yoga programmes - I love their Yoga Zone and you have no choice but to do it then (unless you have sky+ but that's a whole other issue) .


I've just put that channel on for the first time in my life lol, tis on commercials now so i'll wait for a programme and see if it gives me some motivation haha xx


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I go swimming twice a week and I try to go for a long walk at the weekend, either into town to do some shopping or just down the canal, try to take my boyfriend with me for company on the walks as I like to do a couple of miles.

I used to go to yoga class once a week but had to stop because within the last year I have fractured both my feet so they're not strong enough anymore to hold the poses at yoga which is a real shame!

I also have a ministry exercide DVD which is quite good. Which dance exercise DVD do you have? I prefer dance to actual areobics!


Where's Skinny Minnie?
S: 12st11lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.68%)
Some of the programmes are a bit poo, I ended up watching one the other day all about chanting and locating your chakras which as far as I know doesn't make you thin and actually made me locate the remote and hot chocolate. The rest are pretty good though.
Ooh just read Rachella's bit about fracturing feet, that sounds painful - poor you!

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I swim with daughter and do a lot of walking.
I also teach modern jive to beginners for 4 hours a week. Love to dance regardless of my size!
We've just bought a Wii Fit, havent taken it out of the box yet!!! Lol


I was watching something about chanting and turned it back on to Jeremy Kyle lol...
I've got the FHM High Street Honeys Dvd lol, so it's not excatly Hardcore but i enjoy it and it gets my heart going. Which to be fair is all you need, i also used to do pole dancing many moons ago and have a pole in my spare room so if i fancy it i go throw myself around that for a bit xx


Where's Skinny Minnie?
S: 12st11lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.68%)
I'd love to learn to jive, it looks like fun!
The only dance class by me though is belly dancing and I don't fancy that at all. I've enough issue with it under my jeans without using it to keep time!


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Whatever excercice you choose will be great, i lost 4 stones 9lbs without doing any excercise years ago doing SW but put it all back on, Lost just on 4 stones this time but incorporating excercise, the difference iv'e found is that i weigh the same as (post weight loss) i did when i lost it last time but i am a dress size smaller. So doing excercise is well worth it. I have a treadmill and Wii Fit. xxx


I found last time around exercising helped with toning so you don't ave excess bits after losing the fat... xx
I have a wii fit and i love the Samba de amigo game for the wii. I have also got a border collie who could walk for hours if i let him! My only problem is as my Hubby is away i hate walking the dog on my own in the dark.


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I go to the gym and try to do aerobics classes, and if I'm feeling really motivated, I might do a spin class (but they are a KILLER!!) If I'm short on time or not feeling terribly motivated, I'll just go into the gym and do 1/2 an hour on the crosstrainer or something. Anything is better than nothing. I was going three times a week but my motivation is slipping a little :eek:


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i work nights for a m&s and on average we walk 6 miles in a night.....restocking......done wonders for the diet...does get a tad cold in the wee small hours............:(


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6 miles wow! I used to work for M&S so know what you mean about the cold! Do they give you a nice padded jacket? I was never there long enough to get one of those!

got thermal long johns, vest big fleece, gloves and wooly hat.......but between 4 and 8am it does get cold......:eek:


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I'm embarrassed to admit I dont do any exercise. I know I should but I just dont enjoy it. My DH is the opposite though.


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I have a mini trampoline which i love :) i put on some music and just bounce, and dance around my living room! its really fun and not like excerise at all. I walk my puppy too. :)