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Exercise on Exante



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their web page recommends 20 mins a day - but doesn't say what type! I guess you should just go with what you feel comfortable doing as the reduced calories could cause light headedness and dizziness. I do about 15 mins on the cross trainer when I can but so far that is my limit - anything more and my legs don't want to co-operate - but I am incredibly unfit anyway!
yeah i have heard*chinese whispers style* that too much exercise can slow or stall weight loss... maybe something to do with starvationmode.

So ive just been walking the dog a bit more briskly than normal and will pop into swimming pool every few days. I dont think i will be jogging or gyming it like i would on weightwatchers, i think it would be too much for me.


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Since a few days into my first week I've been cycling to and from work 3 times a week and last weekend I went for a ride too, and I had a pretty successful loss last week, did the same this week, hoping to get a decent loss aswell, I think it does make a difference and it makes me feel SO good about myself!!!

Give it a whirl!
I tried to do some running/waddling fast on my couch to 5k programme, boy did I struggle! I felt very demoralised :( Got another cold now so going to stick to Zumba for a while.
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I've been slowly increasing my exercise since Christmas, and am now cycling about 45 miles a week. The weight still seems to be coming off, and I'm feeling a lot more toned too. I think it's a personal choice thing really, try it and see what works for you. If you used to exercise before anyway, you'll probably be OK. If you're new to exercising, I would suggest start with a little and see how it goes. I think you'd have to do an awful lot of exercise to make a lot of muscle for it to really interfere with your weight loss. If you're worried about the calories, you could always have an extra pack.
I simply walk everywhere I go instead of taking the bus. It tends to be at least a 1 hour walk rather than the recommended 20 mins but since it's so easy to do u find it enjoyable and fun to stick. I remember before when I would go hardcore on the exercise only to give up a few weeks later because I found that level of difficulty hard to sustain. Just taking it in my stride now. :)


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I walk my son to school all in all about 45 mins. Used to be 60 mins. My son has been struggling keeping up with mummy as I now have more energy. Today I braved walking to Tesco about 60 mins in total. Felt so good, but now so tired am dreading going up the stairs to bed lol...

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I've started going to the gym this week, second week in. The way I'm looking at it is even if the number on the scales might not end up dropping rapidly, my body composition analyser will tell me different, so I'll know what percentage is fat and what is muscle...
i do cross trainer wii fit and zumba on the wii not all everyday but i do 1 or 2 each day i do this due to the fast weight loss you could get lose skin and that so you need to tone up as well as have the losses i dont want to be a nice skinny 9stone but have all this saggy skin as haveing not toned up


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Hi, I go to the gym three times a week, do 25 mins on the cross trainer, 15 mins treadmill, 10 mins rower and then 10 on the lazy bike (the one where you sit and pedal in front of you) I also walk up hill into town at least once a week and live in a three story house so stairs a gogo, I spoke to the exante people and they say too much exercise won't effect weight loss. I was daft the other night and had one pack in the morning and went to the gym at seven, went very light and dizzy my own fault. Exercise will build muscle which is heavier than fat so you've got to be realistic and remember that if your weight slows down it's because you're toning and I'd recommend using measurements and clothes if that happens for one week but I've not noticed it effecting anything x
I did zumba this morning but my feet couldn't quite do what my brain was trying to tell them! At least I didn't collide with anyone. Hopefully tomorrow night will be better :)

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