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Exercise Points - Eat or Not?


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According to the point calculation I should be eating 18 points a day - however I do a lot of exercise.....
for example 16 mile hilly bike ride yesterday and a 7 mile run today.

What I have been doing is having 20 points on day when I exercise, not sure if this is the right thing to do or not. My concern is making sure I am eating enough for the amount of exercise

Who else eats their exercise points?
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I don't usually eat mine, but if I were you I would just play around with it. If you are losing 1-2lb or so a week, then you are doing fine. If you lose much less or more than you may want to readjust.

You are clearly doing brilliantly with the excercise, good on ya!


One last chance
I don't, dunno why, sometimes I just can't be asked to :p


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well when I went to classes the last time the leader said never eat more than half of your activity points because it gives you leeway on whether you calculated your perceived exertion level correctly or not.

If your exercising a LOT you need to eat some of them really because your body needs extra energy.

I weigh in in about 2.5 hours time so will report back as to whether eating half of my activity points this week has killed my weight loss or not.


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I rarely eat mine, I tend to drink them *hic*


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Well I ate 15 of my activity points this week and I lost 4lb so it didn't do me much harm ;) when you exercise a lot you have to eat some of them sometimes to pay for the energy expenditure, some are used for a boost to your weight loss and some can be used to pay for treats. I think it is a case of trial and error though.

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