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Exercise question pls...

Just need something cleared up please before i start properly

Im into my 5th week now and losing well on CD SS 100% but want to shift my a$$ more and walking the dog of a night when i get home just aint cutting it for me i feel i should be doing more.

We have a treadmill at home anyway (my hubbys) but would it be too much to go on this 30 mins every night?

Opinion on exercise please whilst on SS!
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Oh it would definately help speed up weight loss hun. Don't overdo it, start small and make sure you drink fluids while exercising.

Enjoy x x x
Thanks luv :) I was more wondering about the body having enough calories to work out to than the speedy weight loss lol i drink 4 litres a day *gulp* love water lol so should be ok there, thanks
Depends if you are walking or running. If walking i'd say fine, if running you may want to consider going up to 810. If theres not enough calories going in you actually cling on to the weight. I'd speak to your cdc. :)
Go easy and see how you feel and how your weigh ins are affected. I definitely don't have the energy to do too much and after all our bodies are functioning on very little 'fuel'. It also made me feel hungry. I have read of others posting that it affected their weight loss in the opposite way they wanted. I fugure I am putting my body through enough just SS ing and will wait untill I am moving up the plans to start with exercise ...other than a few light weights for arm exercises. Best wishes for a great week.
I have heard the Nintendo Wii's are supposed to be good for exercising, the wii fit board is like exercising but enjoying it as well as u av many different exercises to do on the "game". And many other games on N. WII burn calories as you are always moving around.


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It'll just be walking for 30 mins :)
Should be ok, in fact definitely a good thing.
Yep, agree with Badger.

Listen to your body though, and do the exercise because you want to shift yourself, rather than to look for a result on the scales (which is very unlikely).

Some sort of resistance routine is good on any diet, especially a VLCD :)


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Just a suggestion.. I have a 100 sit up's a day challenge going on here. It made abig difference already in the 3 weeks I've been doing it, toning as we're loosing and i've lost 8 inches from my waist. I do leg exercises too while i'm on the floor lol, nothing strenuous and also walk about 15 mins a day around the block. I think if we did no exercise as we loose weight, we will be flabby, so toning is def the way to go. xx

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